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DIY Rose Garland

Guest Blog: Maggie Lord


I love this charming garden rose garland. It is perfect for any wedding decor. Use it as a ceremony backdrop, a window frame garland, a photo booth backdrop, or a sweets table accessory….the list is endless.

What You’ll Need :  

  • Floral Wire
  • Green Branches
  • Garden Roses
  • Spray Roses
  • Sea Lavender
  • Clippers
  • Rose Stems


Your first step is to lay out your branches into the shape that you will want your garland.  You may want to measure first and then tape out the shape on the ground or table where you are working so that you have something to follow.  We followed the seams in the concrete to get a good right angle to follow.


Once you have your layout, take sturdy floral wire and attach the branches where they cross over.  You can leave some extra wire loose to use later.



Next, you will want to trim the stems off of the garden roses and attach pre-soaked rose stems to the blossoms.


Using the wire from the rose stem, secure the garden rose blossoms to the branch as tightly as you can without damaging the blossom.


It is best to attach to the branches further back so that the rose feels nestled into the garland.


Space out the blossoms so that they form a loose cluster that feels organic.


Next, using extra loose wires or fresh wires, add the spray roses in and around the garden roses to create dense clusters.


You can also add the spray roses out along the branches to give the garland some color.


Use the spray roses to fill in any large gaps you see.


Next take sprigs of sea lavender and wrap the stems with thin floral wire


Using the loos wire at one end twist the lavender into the empty gaps in the garland to create a full effect.


Add lavender along the garland as you see fit.  You may want to hang it at this point so that you can get a feel for how it looks up on a wall.


Go in and add any extra filler at this point until it looks balanced.


You may want to extend some of the filler down the branches away from the center.


Also take a look at the garland from the side to see if there are any gaps that need filling.


Et voila ! You are finished!   This looks amazing hung outside as a window dressing ….


… or inside as a free form wall decoration!

**** A special thank you to Maggie Lord and Rustic Wedding Chic for sharing this charming tutorial. 

** Photo and Tutorial credits: Rustic Wedding Chic

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DIY: Natural Peppermint Foot Scrub

Make your own Peppermint Foot Scrub in a few simple steps with simple and easy to find ingredients…



  • 1 Cup granulated sugar
  • Coconut or Olive Oil
  • Peppermint Essential oil


Pour 1 cup of granulated sugar into a mixing bowl. Gradually add your favorite Olive Oil or Coconut Oil and mix together until you have a slightly wet, but grainy consistency (really, whatever looks good to you).

Add a few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil. Transfer the scrub to a cute container and Viola! Peppermint Foot Scrub.

You could really make this recipe with any flavor of essential oil you would like.  

*** A special Thank You to the Idea Room for sharing this project with us.

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Triangles have become SUPER popular lately. These frames would be fun to display wedding signs or table numbers

                                     Triangle Frame Tutorial

DIY: Create Honeymoon Memories

             image                                                         Tim Holtz Vintage Journal

While on your honeymoon, send yourself a postcard every day from wherever you are with what you did that day…then bind them when you return to have a journal of your trip — complete with photos, stamps, and a run-down of each day’s events.

DIY Ring Pillow Satchel


This cute satchel would be adorable for a ring pillow. After the wedding you will have a sweet keepsake to remember your special day. 

                           Heart Satchel Instruction Here


                                Sugar ‘n Cream Scents Yarn 

DIY: Upcycled Glitter Tape Vase


image                                             Glitter Tape From Blitsy

Add a bit of glitz and glamour to your bridal shower with tin can glitter vases.  

DIY Lanyard Chain Bracelet


These lanyard bracelets would be fun for your bridesmaid and flower girls.                              
                           image                                                                                       Silver Chain


                                        BRACELET TUTORIAL

DIY Folkart Clay Owl


This do-it-yourself project comes with step by step instructions and pictures to help you get through the process.


 You can paint the owl with Folk Art Acrylic Paint and add a little string onto the back for an instant handmade ornament!

                            FOLK ART CLAY OWL TUTORIAL

**** A special Thank You to Blitsy Crafts for allowing us to use their photos.

You can view the entire Blitsy Craft line here

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DIY: Dimensional Heart Garland

The only thing better than a  bright confetti garland is a garland with an added dimension to it. Don’t you agree? With it’s simple heart shapes and pretty colors, this dimensional heart garland has it all. An easy project to bring a detail of prettiness to any wedding decor. Hang between rows of seats, behind a dessert table, vertically to stage the ceremony, or around the head table as accent décor.




  • Heart Punch
  • Craft Paper
  • Glue
  • String


Punch out hearts for the length of your bunting. Each section of the bunting will use two hearts.


Once the hearts are punched, cut a length of thin string and begin gluing on the hearts. Lay one heart down (backside up). Center a small line of glue, then quickly layer the string on top and another heart (backside down). Measure a few inches and continue the process.


Once all the hearts are laid and dried, fold the top and bottom hearts away from one another for a pretty 3D effect.


Run the lengths of garland around cardboard dividers and tape in place as you go. This will make it easier to transport without getting tangled.



*** Special Thank You to: Subtle Revelry  |   Photography By: Pictilio

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DIY: Canelé Cake Favors / Escort Cards

Canelé cakes originated in France, where they were popular starting in the 19th century. Today you can find them at most bakeries. The little cakes are about three inches tall with a caramelized crust, and a custard in the center. You can make your own or order them in bulk from a bakery. We’ve created a cute, modern packaging for a wedding favor.


  • Canelé cakes 
  • bright tissue paper
  • string 
  • pinking shears
  • white pen
  • white round sticker

Step One:

Cut a 6” by 6” square of the tissue with pinking sheers (use two pieces per cake)


Step Two:

Write the name of the guest about 2 inches from the bottom of the paper. Once it’s wrapped up it will look like the photo below.


Step Three:

Roll the cake in the tissue and fold over the end of the paper onto the bottom of the cake.

Step Four:

Secure with a sticker.

Step Five:

Twist the top tissue and secure with string. Trim if necessary.


***Project By: Chelsea Fuss | Photos By: Lisa Warninger

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DIY: A Garden Rose Bouquet


If you’ve always dreamt of carrying a bouquet of old fashioned garden roses down the aisle, but your budget doesn’t quite match up to the dream, try this version!

  • 24 stems of spray roses (It works best if you buy one bunch with buds and one bunch with open blossoms) Order them ahead of time to secure your favorite color!
  • Garden clippers
  • String or twine
  • florist tape
  • 1-2 yards of ribbon


First, pick off the brown petals from the blossoms. We used spray roses, one of the most inexpensive roses on the market, to create this bouquet.


"Edit" each stem. Spray roses have several blossoms on each stem. Clip 1-2 off each stem to leave the prettiest blossoms and the stems that are around the same level on the stem. Also, remove the leaves from these stems.


Take a few of the stems with nice leaves and clip off all the blossoms. Wash the leaves. Leave 1-2 branches of leaves on the stem. Make sure none of the leaves are too low on the stem or it will interfere with the “handle” of your bouquet. Be sure to choose leaves that are hydrated and feel firm.


Spray roses consist of 3-5 smaller blossoms on each stem, and have a more casual feel then your normal florists’ roses. They are readily available at markets and florists all year.


Gather a few stems in one hand at a 45 degree angle. Each time you add a stem, turn your bouquet. Don’t be afraid to place some blossoms higher than others. This gives your bouquet depth and interest.


Be sure to add leaves in as you go. These frame the blossoms and give the bouquet a natural feel. Tie with twine, cover in florist tape (to protect the ribbon) and tie up with a ribbon.


By deconstructing the spray roses, you can create a bouquet that looks very natural. Your guests will never guess that your flowers came from the local grocery!

The total cost of this bouquet: $12 + ribbon!


Enjoy your beautiful, garden bouquet!

****  Photo Credits Chelsea Fuss

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This would be fun for a outside entertaining.




Shake each glow stick while holding inside jar until contents are empty. You will notice little pieces of what looks like plastic along with the liquid so be careful.



Head to your garbage and dump out the little pieces of plastic. Swirl liquid around the jar.


That’s it. You’re done! Go and find a dark place and enjoy the glow! 



*** Special Thank You to Intimate Weddings for sharing this great tutorial.

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We are quite excited to add this Fabulous Freebie to our list! These are easy to download with one click. Open in Adobe Acrobat where you can personalize the names, initials and message on the belly band. Each PDF has instructions at the top of the page.

In this kit you will find:

1) 5X7 Notecard Templates. Editable PDF format. 3 colors: purpleteal yellow

2) Avery 8293 Label Template. Editable PDF fomat. 3 colors: purpleteal & yellow

3) Notecard Belly Bands. Editable PDF fomat. Matches all color options

You can purchase matching A7 envelopes at a paper or craft store such as Paper Source.








*** Thank you to Lia for this great download. Find more of her creative inspiration at

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DIY: Flower Drink Stirrer


  • Wood Skewers
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Gold Embroidery Thread
  • Hot Glue Gun


Step 1:  For larger flowers, such as a ranunculus or a poppy, snip off most of the stem, leaving a bit right under the flower head. For smaller and more wild flowers, such as chamomile or aster, snip off one stem with a small bunch.

STEP 2:  For the larger flowers, all you need to do is simply skewer the stem. Piece of cake! For the smaller flowers, use the gold embroidery thread to wrap around the base until tightly wound. (As you will see, I used some gold thread to embellish some of the larger flowers as well)!

STEP 3:  Place a dot of hot glue on the back of the embroidery thread, and use the glue to seal the thread.

STEP 4:  Pour yourself a cocktail, and enjoy! The floral scent while you sip is just an added bonus.

***  Photography: Cambria Grace Photography | Styling + DIY: Lauren Wells Events


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This hanging copper planter is so cute and so easy.  It will instantly spruce up any wedding / party decor. It will also make for a fantastic housewarming gift!







  • Leather scrap strips (sold by the bag – Michaels, Hobby Lobby

  • Rivets
  • Leather Tool (if you don’t have one use a sharp tool as pictured/and or scissors to puncture holes)
  • Copper Spray Paint

  • Succulent Pots
  • Tin Buckets (Found in the dollar section of Target!)


1.  Spray paint your tin bucket vases in copper. Let dry.

2.  Use succulent pots that measure the same in diameter as your tins (found mine at Home Depot), and place inside.

3.  Measure out the length of your leather strips and cut accordingly.

4.  Use your leather tool to puncture two corresponding holes on each end for rivets to go through.

5.  Insert rivets

6.  Loop through the side handle of your tins and snap rivets together on both sides.

7.  Hang and enjoy!

*** Photography: In Honor Of Design 

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11 Easy Image Transfer Methods for DIY Projects

Below you will find links to 11 different ways to transfer images and typography onto pretty much any type of material.


1) How to Transfer Typography onto Furniture : This is a two part Tutorial showing how to blow up your image really big, using a free program, and an easy cheap transfer method, so that you can paint your image on large or small pieces of Furniture, Walls or Signs. Great for painted wood pieces or natural wood.


2) The Citra Solv Method : This method uses a cleaning product called Citra Solv. This one works well with Fabric projects, like Towels, Pillows, Chair Seats and Lampshades. This method will give you a slightly faded, slightly imperfect, transfer for an old world look.


3) The Wax Paper Method:  I have yet to try this method, but it looks amazing! The only supplies you need are your Printer and some Wax Paper.  I’ve seen this one used on Painted and Natural Wood and Painted Metal.


4) The Freezer Paper Method: This one is similar to the one above, only you use Freezer Paper instead of Wax Paper. 


5) The Iron On Method:  This Tutorial shows you how to do an Iron on Transfer, using  Transfer Paper.  Great for any Fabric Projects.


6) Printing on Fabric: Gail at My Repurposed Life, shows you how to cut out the middle man, and print directly onto fabric, with your home printer! For those of you that sew (or don’t mind gluing your projects) this is a really fun method!


7) The Mod Podge Method: Good old Mod Podge, is there anything this stuff can’t do?!! This excellent Tutorial explains how to use this technique to Transfer onto Wood.  I’ve also seen this used on Fabric, Canvas, Terra Cotta and even shiny Ceramic pieces.  This is a really popular method and super versatile since you can use it on so many materials!


8) The Projector Method:  Marian from Miss Mustard Seed shares her Sign Making secrets, using an Overhead Projector to transfer images onto wood! This method can be used for Painted or Natural Wood.


9) Using Water Slide Decals:  Learn how to use Water Slide Decals to transfer images onto Glass, Soap, Candles and Paper, with this fun technique. Carol from The Polka Dot Closet will walk you through all the steps!


10) The Blender Pen Method:  Rosemary from Villa Barnes demonstrates this fast and easy Method using an inexpensive Blender Pen to transfer onto Fabric. I’ve also seen this used on Wood.


11) The Omni Gel Method:  This Tutorial will explain how to use a liquid substance called Omni Gel, to transfer images onto Tumbled Marble Tiles for Coasters. I’ve also used this on Painted Wood.


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Grey, blush and cream tones give a wedding a soft, elegant feeling with a dash of vintage flavor. I just love these colors together and want to share with you this lovely DIY favor box kit from Included you will find a paper box template that’s super easy to assemble, a collection of gift tags and a DIY paper rose to top off the favor box beautifully.

Set behind each guest’s plate as a wedding favor or give to your wedding party, or use them for whatever you like!  Just simply click the link below, download and print.

** Project & Photo Credits (Thank You!)

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DIY: Clay Bangles


What you need:


  • A few different polymer clay colors.
  • A bangle. Use this as a guideline to measure and shape the bracelet before baking it.



Using the palm of your hand roll two thin tubes. If you just want to use one color you can.


Wrap one color over the other. Roll them together with the palm of your hand to blend the two.


Using the bangle as a guideline wrap your tube of clay around it tightly. Mush the two ends together and smooth out with your finger.

Remove the guideline bangle and bake your bracelet at 275 degrees for 20 minutes.

***  Project and Photo Credits: Delighted Momma (Thank You!)

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DIY: Love Notes Box

What You’ll Need:

  • An unfinished wood box (got ours at Michael’s)
  • Metal handle 
  • Spray paint (we used Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze about $3.50)
  • The following free downloads…

  Download Lovenotes
  Download Lovenotescards
  Download Lovenotestags

  • Ribbon
  • 3” circle punch (or you could trace the top of a cup)
  • 3 3/4 ” white scalloped circle (cut with the Cricut or Punch)

STEP ONE:   Gather all of your supplies and print off all the downloads. Cut or punch out the 3” tag and back with the scalloped circle.

STEP TWO:Spray a few coats of paint on the box.
STEP THREE:  Once dry, attach the handle to the top of the box. (We used E6000 glue)

STEP FOUR:  Attach the 3” round tag to the front of the box. (We used glue dots) 

STEP FIVE:  Tie the instructions tag onto the handle with ribbon.

STEP SIX:   Fill the box with blank love notes cards.

STEP SEVEN:  Make one for yourself. Your  will have so much fun leaving each other random love notes.

*** Project and Photo credits: Eighteen25 (Thank You!)

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