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DIY: Printing On Burlap


Are you ready to have your life changed? I promise you when you start printing on burlap you will NEVER go back to stenciling, painting, or your cut machine for simple little projects like monograms. Of course, you can also use the print on burlap technique for more complex projects too.


What you need:

  • Freezer Paper (found near the wax paper in the grocery store)
  • Burlap
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Hot Iron
  • Printer paper
  • Scissors

Step 1: Get a piece of printer paper to use as your guide.

Step 2: Cut out a piece of burlap and a piece of freezer paper the exact size as your piece of printer paper.


Step 3: Iron the piece of burlap so it’s nice and flat.

Step 4: With the burlap on the ironing board, place the shiny side of the freezer paper down onto the burlap.

Step 5:  Take your hot iron and run it all over the top of the freezer paper.  The freezer paper will start to get all crinkly as it adheres to the burlap.  Be sure all edges and corners have ‘stuck’ to the burlap.


Step 6: If you have any overhang from the burlap, trim it.  You don’t want burlap strands getting stuck in your printer.

Step 7: Remove all other paper from your printer tray.

Step 8:  Position the burlap with freezer paper in the printer tray so that the printing will be on the burlap side.


Step 9: Print

Step 10: Starting at the corner, remove  the freezer paper.  (You can reuse the same piece of freezer paper several times until it no longer sticks to the burlap.)

A few examples of Printed Burlap Projects….



**** A very special Thank You to 2IY for sharing this fun tutorial. 

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DIY: Doily Soap Cozy

Guest Blog: Paper Mama

A Doily Soap Cozy is perfect for increasing the amount of lather… not to mention the adorableness… to a bar of soap.  They make charming party favors. (Free printable tags below)


  •  A favorite bar of soap (preferably with rounded edges)
  •  1 small doily (mine was around 6 inches)
  •  Stretchy cord string
  •  Upholstery needle (you need a needle with a big eye)


1.  Do a test run with the doily and the soap. Wrap the doily around the soap: Is there a lot of excess material? Then you may need to trim the doily. I trimmed enough so there was about a 1/2 inch of overlap, when I wrapped the doily over the soap.

2. Once your material is all trimmed to size, it’s time to stitch the doily. Using your upholstery needle and stretchy cord string… sew your doily around your soap.

3. You can make these little soap goodies into favors or gifts with tags.

                              TAG PRINTABLES  (right click + save).

***  A special Thank you to Paper Mama for sharing this charming tutorial. All photos courtesy of Paper Mama

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DIY: Mercury Glass

This is a simple method of turning any glass vase into a faux antique mercury glass piece.

You will need:

  • Glass vase (local thrift store)
  • Can of Krylon “Looking Glass” spray paint
  • Vinegar

Step 1.  Clean glass well. 

Step 2.  Spray paint, using several light coats, being careful not to overspray to avoid runs. The paint is slightly cloudy when sprayed, but dries VERY quickly to a mirror-like finish.  For the larger piece, I sprayed the inside, for the narrower piece, I sprayed the outside, with identical results.

Step 3.  After about 3 light coats, mix a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and mist the painted surface enough to create beads.

Step 4.  Let sit about a minute, then dampen a paper towel with the vinegar/water mixture and firmly “pat” the beaded moisture that sits on the paint. You can actually rub a little in places, removing some of the paint as you go. Keep dabbing/wiping until you create the antique/worn look you desire.

Step 5. After the piece completely dries, spray one very light coat of the looking glass paint over the already painted surface. This fills in the wiped away spots, adding dimension. You can repeat steps 3-5 until you get the look you want, although I only did it once.

NOTE: If you do not like your results, you can completely remove the paint with vinegar.

*** Photo Credits: Leslie D

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These sweet and wild green wreaths are perfect for anytime of year (just change out the ribbon to suit the season). They look gorgeous on church doors, bride and groom chairs, or as pew markers. Total cost: $5 per wreath.


  • Spool wire
  • Floral tape
  • Clippers
  • Greens (about 15 stems per wreath, we used rosemary, bay and boxwood)
  • Ribbon


1.  Form a circle (whatever size you need. Remember your wreath will be slightly bigger than the form) with the spool wire and double it over several times.

2.  Cover the circle in floral tape.


3.  Cut small pieces of greens and, take excess leaves off about an inch of the bottom stem.


4.  Secure each piece with wire.

5.  Make sure you overlap the stems to cover any wires or mechanics. You may need to fill in with a few extra pieces.


6.  You can make these up to a week ahead of time. Spray daily with water and keep in a cool, dark place.

7.  Hang with ribbon and afterwards send them home with special guests.



Add this natural touch to your big day - and have fun!


*** Photo Credit: Chelsea Fuss

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Etsy Instant Download Cross Stitch Patterns

Q.  Do you think making a handmade embroidered gift for a bridal shower is tacky? I am a 20 year old college student and money is very tight. Do you know where I can find some cross-stitch patterns? Thanks

A. I think a handmade embroidered gift is a wonderful idea. When it comes to handmade gifts, you are only limited by your imagination.  One of the best sources for crafty inspiration is Etsy (yes I am addicted!).  I found some fun instant download cross-stitch patterns on an Etsy site called Imagination Administration

Here are some charming cross stitch pattern ideas and a brief explanation about instant download patterns……

image                               Library Card Wedding Embroidery Pattern 

What is an Instant Download Pattern?

You receive the patterns over the Internet as a PDF (Portable Document Format) file directly from an Etsy seller – how easy is that?

How does it work?

STEP 1. Add as many Instant Download Patterns as you want to your basket. You can customize & Edit some patterns

STEP 2. Proceed through checkout.

STEP 3. You will receive automatic access to your pattern PDF file, once payment is made.

When you are ready, all you need to do is open your PDF file to view it. It will open automatically in the Adobe Acrobat Reader.. You can save, view it or print your pattern from Adobe Acrobat Reader  (Free download)

image                                     Log Cabin Cross Stitch Pattern

Why would I want to buy an Instant Download Pattern?

* Save TIME – you get them instantly, (I know when I want something, I want it NOW!)

* Save MONEY – postage to some countries is more than the cost of our patterns! Instant Download e-Patterns will cost much less then having your patterns mailed via the post.

* Easy ACCESS – save your patterns on your computer for you to view or print them anytime you want.

image                                Hedgehog Love Cross Stitch Pattern

What do I get with an Instant Download Pattern?

You get the whole pattern just like it had been mailed to you, only sent to you electronically. Of course you don’t get the pretty color photograph on the front, but if the postage to send the printed pattern to you is quite high, this can work out to be a pretty expensive photo!

image                                Dollhouse Quilt Cross Stitch][‘- Pattern 

image                                  Happy Camper Cross Stitch Pattern

***  A special Thank You to Imagination Administration for allowing use to use their product photos. You can view more instant download patterns here

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DIY: Chalkboard Escort Cards

Creating charming escort cards for your wedding doesn’t have to take a lot of time or resources. Simply gather a few basic, inexpensive supplies to produce this budget-savvy, casual-chic concept. 

  • Manilla shipping tags
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Foam paintbrush
Step One
Arrange your tags on a large work surface

Step Two
Dip the foam paintbrush into the chalkboard paint and apply one brushstroke to each tag.
Step Three
Allow the paint to dry completely, then write guests names and seating information on the tags with chalk.

Step Four
Display the tags using a fabric backdrop, coordinating yarn or string and wooden clothespins.

{Tutorial & Photos by: Danyelle Matthews}

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If you’re looking for instant hostess with the mostest status, these super simple, super adorable (reusable) DIY menus  are fair game. They add a little something something to a simple dinner party, elevating it to the utmost degree with little to no effort at all!






Step 1:   You can either use the sheets to make full size menus (8×10”), or you can cut them down to a smaller size like we did (5×7”). To cut them down, just measure the size and mark on the acrylic with the paint marker. Then score the sheet along those lines with the glass cutter. After several passes, you should be able to snap the sheet to make a clean cut. Remove any markings with glass cleaner.

Step 2:   Spray paint one side of the acrylic sheet with two light coats of spray paint. Let dry completely, about 1 hour.

Step 3:   On the clear unpainted side, handwrite your menu for the evening in paint marker. If you’d like to do a fancy script, you can print out your menu in a font of your choice, place the printout behind the menu, and trace the script in marker. *This would be easier with a lighter spray paint color or a more hazy coat of paint. Hold the menu & printout up to the window to get maximum backlighting while tracing.

Step 4:   Worried about messing up? Don’t be! Glass cleaner & paper towel let you quickly start over, and for small mistakes, a Qtip and glass cleaner have you covered. When the dinner’s over, wipe off the menu with glass cleaner and set aside to reuse at your next dinner party!

*** Thank You to Jacquelyn Clark from Style Me Pretty Living for sharing this great tutorial with us. 

 entertaining menus paint recycle acrylic

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Supplies -
wood burning kit
wooden planks
charcoal pencil
white paper
(I got all of my supplies at Michaels. You can order wood burning kits online, any of them will work fine.)

Directions -

Step 1: On a computer, type out or design whatever you want your wooden sign to say. Choose a fabulous font that fits the style of your event. If you like the one I used in this DIY project, you can download it here! It will fit a small wooden plank perfectly.


Step 2: In order for the size of the letters or font to fit on the wooden plank, you may need to print a few copies, adjusting the size until it fits perfectly on the wood piece.

Step 3: Once you have the correct size, turn the paper over and with a charcoal pencil trace the back of your design. Make sure to trace hard enough so the charcoal will transfer onto the wooden plank.


Step 4: When all of the letters are traced, place the paper on the wooden plank with the charcoal side facing down. Press firmly on the letters to make sure they transfer nicely to the wood. Remove the paper when you’re finished.



Step 5: There should be a nice outline of your letters for you to trace. With the wood burning tool (which can get extremely hot, so be careful) start to trace and fill in the letters. Once you complete one letter move on to the next. You will get the hang of it after the first letter. Have fun!



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DIY: Chocolate Darling Dynamite


Isn’t this an adorable idea?

What you will need…

  • 3 packs of Rolos
  • 1 sheet of red construction paper
  • 2 black pipe cleaners
  • scotch tape


Trim the construction paper into three pieces and wrap each piece around a pack of Rolos and secure with tape. Hold onto the excess construction paper for now.

Wrap the pieces of construction paper around each pack of Rolos and secure with a bit of tape.

Gather the three packs of wrapped Rolos into a bunch and secure with a pipe cleaner.

Using the excess construction paper from Step #1, make a tag with the message “Darling, you’re dynamite!” (Other message suggestions: “You’re a blast!” or “You’re the bomb!”) String the tag onto the pipe cleaner.

Lastly, the second pipe cleaner in the middle of the three packs of Rolos, trimming off the end so that your “fuse” is an inch or two long.


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DIY Rose Garland

Guest Blog: Maggie Lord


I love this charming garden rose garland. It is perfect for any wedding decor. Use it as a ceremony backdrop, a window frame garland, a photo booth backdrop, or a sweets table accessory….the list is endless.

What You’ll Need :  

  • Floral Wire
  • Green Branches
  • Garden Roses
  • Spray Roses
  • Sea Lavender
  • Clippers
  • Rose Stems


Your first step is to lay out your branches into the shape that you will want your garland.  You may want to measure first and then tape out the shape on the ground or table where you are working so that you have something to follow.  We followed the seams in the concrete to get a good right angle to follow.


Once you have your layout, take sturdy floral wire and attach the branches where they cross over.  You can leave some extra wire loose to use later.



Next, you will want to trim the stems off of the garden roses and attach pre-soaked rose stems to the blossoms.


Using the wire from the rose stem, secure the garden rose blossoms to the branch as tightly as you can without damaging the blossom.


It is best to attach to the branches further back so that the rose feels nestled into the garland.


Space out the blossoms so that they form a loose cluster that feels organic.


Next, using extra loose wires or fresh wires, add the spray roses in and around the garden roses to create dense clusters.


You can also add the spray roses out along the branches to give the garland some color.


Use the spray roses to fill in any large gaps you see.


Next take sprigs of sea lavender and wrap the stems with thin floral wire


Using the loos wire at one end twist the lavender into the empty gaps in the garland to create a full effect.


Add lavender along the garland as you see fit.  You may want to hang it at this point so that you can get a feel for how it looks up on a wall.


Go in and add any extra filler at this point until it looks balanced.


You may want to extend some of the filler down the branches away from the center.


Also take a look at the garland from the side to see if there are any gaps that need filling.


Et voila ! You are finished!   This looks amazing hung outside as a window dressing ….


… or inside as a free form wall decoration!

**** A special thank you to Maggie Lord and Rustic Wedding Chic for sharing this charming tutorial. 

** Photo and Tutorial credits: Rustic Wedding Chic

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DIY: Natural Peppermint Foot Scrub

Make your own Peppermint Foot Scrub in a few simple steps with simple and easy to find ingredients…



  • 1 Cup granulated sugar
  • Coconut or Olive Oil
  • Peppermint Essential oil


Pour 1 cup of granulated sugar into a mixing bowl. Gradually add your favorite Olive Oil or Coconut Oil and mix together until you have a slightly wet, but grainy consistency (really, whatever looks good to you).

Add a few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil. Transfer the scrub to a cute container and Viola! Peppermint Foot Scrub.

You could really make this recipe with any flavor of essential oil you would like.  

*** A special Thank You to the Idea Room for sharing this project with us.

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Triangles have become SUPER popular lately. These frames would be fun to display wedding signs or table numbers

                                     Triangle Frame Tutorial

DIY: Create Honeymoon Memories

             image                                                         Tim Holtz Vintage Journal

While on your honeymoon, send yourself a postcard every day from wherever you are with what you did that day…then bind them when you return to have a journal of your trip — complete with photos, stamps, and a run-down of each day’s events.

DIY Ring Pillow Satchel


This cute satchel would be adorable for a ring pillow. After the wedding you will have a sweet keepsake to remember your special day. 

                           Heart Satchel Instruction Here


                                Sugar ‘n Cream Scents Yarn 

DIY: Upcycled Glitter Tape Vase


image                                             Glitter Tape From Blitsy

Add a bit of glitz and glamour to your bridal shower with tin can glitter vases.  

DIY Lanyard Chain Bracelet


These lanyard bracelets would be fun for your bridesmaid and flower girls.                              
                           image                                                                                       Silver Chain


                                        BRACELET TUTORIAL

DIY Folkart Clay Owl


This do-it-yourself project comes with step by step instructions and pictures to help you get through the process.


 You can paint the owl with Folk Art Acrylic Paint and add a little string onto the back for an instant handmade ornament!

                            FOLK ART CLAY OWL TUTORIAL

**** A special Thank You to Blitsy Crafts for allowing us to use their photos.

You can view the entire Blitsy Craft line here

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