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Claire Pettibone Romantique Collection

ADELAIDE  |  Re-embroidered lace with crepe lining and lace straps.

AMOUR  |  Below-the-knee lace dress with sheer back, satin lining and re-embroidered appliqués.

BIANCA  |  Crepe blouson sleeve gown with delicate web net sash and train.

 CASABLANCA  |  Floral lace mini with flowing chiffon panels and re-embroidered lace appliqués.

CLEMENTINE  |  Sequined eyelash lace lined in satin with chiffon sash and train.

ESTELLE  |  Eyelash cotton lace lined in satin with scalloped bodice and sheer back.

GARDENIA  |  Dramatic floral lace with sheer back, satin lining and re-embroidered appliqués.

KASBAH  |  Striped cotton Leaver’s lace lined in crepe with boho sleeves.

LAUREL  |  Rose lace bodice with flowing chiffon sleeves and low back.

LILITH  |  Delicate web net lined in cotton with Leaver’s lace bodice, shirred long sleeves and detachable train.

PATCHOULI  |  Re-embroidered lace lined in crepe with ¾ lace sleeves and scalloped edge neckline.

PHAEDRA  |  Chiffon layered over floral lace with low-back lace bodice adorned with roses.

QUEEN ANNE’S LACE  |  Cotton Leaver’s lace with tulle lined in cotton with satin sash and beaded appliqué.

RHAPSODY  |  Hi-lo layered chiffon and crepe skirt with eyelash lace bodice and flutter sleeve.

ROBYN  |  Toile cotton pencil skirt with lace bodice and tulle overlay with satin sash.

ROSEMARY  |  Floral Chantilly lace mermaid gown with low back and lace shoulder appliqués.

SERAPHINA  |  Chantilly lace layered gown with chiffon flounces, and sheer lace back and bustle.

THYME  |  Toile cotton gown with tulle and Leaver’s lace tiered overlay.

TOPANGA  |  Lace boho gown with delicate web lace sleeves and sheer skirt and train.

YOLANDA  |  Cotton cluny lace lined in satin with satin sash and silk flower.

 Photography: Anton Oparin

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Watters 2014 Collection

Guilia Gown - This timeless full A-line gown features a hand-beaded Baraque lace bodice with modified sweetheart neckline. Features Spanish soft netting and a scalloped waistline. Sweep train.

Viv Gown - Gracefully sculpted Baroque lace, sleeveless sheath gown with illusion neckline and plunging back. Scalloped lace detail at neckline and hem. Puddle train.

Paola Gown - Dramatic platinum beading and hand embroidery detail contours the body. Heritage lace, sleeveless fit and flare gown complete with front and back v-neckline. Chapel train.

Santina -  Romantic A-line gown with illusion neckline and plunging back neckline. Features hand-placed Carina lace, covered buttons, and double-faced satin ribbon at waist. 

Farah Gown - A charming lace and tulle silk gown with an illusion bodice and lace appliques cascading down the skirt.

Salida Gown - Romantic Chantilly Lace with a lightly beaded bateau neckline

Kerry GownChantilly and corded lace with a stretch silk charmeuse slip dress. Feautures a sweetheart illusion neckline with figure accentuating hand placed lace appliques and elbow length sleeves

Benetta Gown - Romantic Torchon beaded lace and stretch silk charmeuse sheath gown. Elegant scalloped v-neckline with keyhole back and soft detail at the empire give this gown an ultra-feminine impression. Sweep train.

Leandra Gown - Vintage inspired,lace and stretch silk charmeuse, fit and flare gown showcases an illusion v-neckline and plunging back neckline with intricate scalloped lace detail. Beaded motifs cascade throughout the gown, and pearl buttons down the back. Sweep train.

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How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

After countless hours spent searching for your dream dress (not to mention the dollars spent), it’s only fair to give your gown a happily-ever-after too, right? Whether it’s because of the way it made you feel on your wedding day or the possibility of passing it down to your daughter or another family member in the future, preserving your wedding dress is the best way to maintain it’s color, fabric and shape.

What Is Gown Preservation?

This is a special cleaning and packaging techniques used to ensure your gown retains its beauty. A professional preservationist will survey your gown: the materials, embellishments and various stains, then formulate a specialized cleaning procedure. Cleaning your gown is the single most important part of the preservation process and all the stains, including the hidden ones containing sugar that turn brown over time, must be removed. You can usually wait until after the honeymoon to take your dress to a preservationist, but remember it’s better to take your gown in while the stains are fresh and not set in (especially if it’s stained with mud or red wine). The longer you delay, the less likely all stains can be removed, and if you wait years, your gown will need restoration rather than just cleaning. After cleaning, your gown is wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and placed in museum-quality archival box.

Finding a Preservationist – Know it All

Before choosing a preservationist, do a little detective work. You’ll need to investigate where to take your gown for cleaning a few weeks before the wedding. That way, if your dress is stained badly or damaged on your wedding day, a family or bridal party member can take your dress to the preservationist for you so that you can make your honeymoon get-away. Ask friends and family, bridal shops or your wedding consultant for preservationist referral. Though many dry cleaners claim to clean wedding gowns, most are not specialists. Unless the dry cleaner you’re thinking of using processes more than 100 wedding gowns a year, consider going to a professional gown preservationist with a noted track record instead.

Ask Questions

Ask your gown preservationist whether you must sign a release or disclaimer because these documents sometimes state that the company isn’t responsible for any damage done to the gown during the cleaning process. You will want to find someone who will guarantee every last bead and sequin.

Next, ask if the company offers a warranty and how they will reimburse you if you find the gown to be damaged after a certain number of years. Read the fine print of the agreement: some companies will refund the preservation cost — not the replacement value of the dress. And consider it a red flag if they claim the warranty is void if you open the box. Finally, beware of companies that give quotes over the phone — different materials and stains require specialized care. Your gown will receive the best care if it’s individually inspected before a price is given.

Cleaning Techniques

Some gown specialists use the wet cleaning method, which consists of gently washing the gown by hand with gentle cleansers that remove noticeable stains and unseen stains, such as champagne and sugar. If left untreated, unseen stains can oxidize and turn yellow over time.

Other companies use a more traditional dry-cleaning method, which involve pre-treating the stains and then placing the garment in a dry-cleaning machine. The solvent in the machine should be safe for fragile decorations, and these should be protected with muslin during the cleaning cycle or removed before cleaning and re-sewn onto your gown afterward.

Solvents such as perchloroethylene (perc for short) or petroleum-based cleansers are used as stain removers. Petroleum-based solvents aren’t as aggressive as perc, and they’re also not as powerful in stain removal, but, due to its high oil content, petroleum nourishes certain fabrics and can give them a lovely sheen.

Wrapping It Up

The correct packaging materials are utterly imperative for guaranteeing the life of your gown. And all storage materials should be clean and completely acid-free. After the cleaning process, your preservationist will wrap your dress in acid-free paper or muslin, then place in an acid-free or pH-neutral box, which allow the gown to breathe and adjust with changing temperatures.

Some boxes feature a viewing window: a clear panel designed so you can see your gown without opening the box. If your box features a window, look for acetate rather than plastic, and keep the box out of direct light, which can yellow the fabric over time. Some companies utilize boxes with Coroplast, a specially designed plastic known for its durability.

Sealed With a…?

While some companies choose to seal the box to keep out insects and vermin, others say sealing is unnecessary, if the gown is packaged correctly. If you do open the box, remember to use discretion when handling the dress. It is suggested you wear clean white cotton gloves (which many preservationists provide to you), but at a minimum be sure to wash your hands first.

Talk to your preservationist about including other items such as jewelry and shoes to your box. It may not be the best idea depending on the type of materials you’ll want to include, but your professional will have an opinion on how to store properly.

Money Matters

Fabric, decoration, ornamentation and degree of stain damage determine the preservation price of a gown. Your heavily beaded silk ball gown will cost more than a simple polyester gown you wore on the beach, and you should never trust your designer gown to someone offering a bargain price. Saving a few dollars is simply not worth the risk of ruining your wedding dress. Expect to pay $250-$700, though prices can go as high as $1,000 depending on the gown and location. Costs vary across the country, with higher prices in metropolitan areas.

Before & After

To help maintain the integrity of your gown, there are some things you should not do before sending it to be cleaned and preserved. First, don’t wrap your dress in plastic. This can seal in off-gassing vapors and trap moisture, inviting mold and mildew. Don’t hang your dress on an ordinary wooden or wire hanger — the weight of the dress will stretch and distort the weave of the fabric — try a plastic or padded hanger instead. Don’t try to clean the stains yourself — you risk setting them in the fabric.

Once your gown is back from the preservationist, pay attention to storage. Keep your dress in “a cool, dark and dry environment with a relative humidity at 50% at all times. Most professionals agree that light and heat play the most damaging roles when it comes to gown preservation. As a guideline, store your preserved gown in a place where you would feel physically comfortable. That rules out a hot attic or damp basement. Under your bed or in a dry closet are your best bets.

But I’m Broke!

If you already spent most of your wedding budget, it is possible to preserve it at home, though it won’t be perfect and may retain stains. Cloth or tyvek bags can offer short-term protection, but your gown should not hang for long periods of time, and a wedding chest provides more protection from sharp objects, smoke and from fire. The acidic content of ordinary paper will literally scorch your gown. Don’t use colored tissue paper either. If the box accidentally becomes wet, it could stain your gown. For storage, professionals recommend wrapping the gown in pre-washed unbleached muslin, and then placing it in a sturdy box under your bed. That way, if you decide to preserve your gown down the road, it will be right there waiting for you.


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Da Vinci Bridal Collection


The Da Vinci bridal gown collection features dreamy wedding dress styles with timeless designs and delightful details, including graceful draping, ornate beadwork, and luxe laces. See the entire Da Vinci Bridal Gown collection here














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BHLDN Collection

Halcyon Gown


With delicate lace peeking through a gossamer top layer of tulle, a breathtaking full ball-gown skirt and crystal embellishments, is fit for a royal affair.


Onyx Gown


Voluminous layers of ivory tulle veiling waft over soft oyster silk charmeuse for a full skirt. At the bodice, embroidered roses climb across a tulle trellis that frames the neckline. 


Harlow Gown


Inspired by the age of Art Deco design, this floor-skimming silhouette balances the sleekness of flowing silk with intricately beaded shoulders and bias-cut styling. The result: A breathtaking gown that’s both fuss-free and endlessly elegant.


Omari Dress


Features delicate floral embroidery on silk tulle, this scallop-edged creation, which features a shorter, less-traditional length, is for a romantic gal looking for a subtle touch of quirk.


Margeaux Gown


Utterly classic yet refined for the moment, scalloped ivory lace takes a neckline dip before floating gracefully into a lightly flared, floor-skimming silhouette.


Lia Gown


Timeless, and feminine Victorian Lace 



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BHLDN Fall 2013 Wedding Dresses

Whether your bridal style is vintage, glam or traditional, BHLDN’s collection for Fall 2013 has something for every bride.

Channel your inner Kate Middleton with this stunning long-sleeved lace gown fit for a queen.

This gown is classic and elegant yet refreshing with a unique embellished pattern and a stunning sash.

With stunning lace at the top and a sleek bottom half, this gown is the perfect mix of traditional elegance and modern bridal style.

This mid-length, lace, cap sleeve gown is perfect for a vintage wedding and the rich gold sash is a gorgeous accent to tie together your look.

Going for a Greek goddess look? Look no further than this gorgeous draped gown.

This sequined gown draws inspiration from the 1920′s with its glamorous Gatsby-inspired look.

This sleek gown is elegant and classic. The pretty patterned belt adds a fun touch to the look.

You can view the entire collection at:

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Romance ~ Claire Pettibone Collection

I don’t pay much attention to trends. Although one movement I do fully support is the shift towards individuality in weddings. Which is why I like the lovely Claire Pettibone collection. Her gowns offer brides an alternative to the strapless ball gown. It really warms my heart to see more and more brides confident in their personal style, and resisting the pressure to fit into a particular “bridal” mold.

Antique lace, illusion backs and floral embellishments… these are all things that stir my soul, but really, it’s not about a sleeve or a sash. Does this gown stir your soul and make you feel a bit overwhelmed (in a really good way)? Do you feel beautiful and so ready to meet your partner at the end of that aisle?

This season is about a dream-like goddess walking through rose petals (I guess it’s no secret I’m an unabashed romantic!).





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Maggie Sottero Collection 2013


This Paris Chiffon, slim A-line sheath captures the look and feel of a timeless romance.



A distinct, scalloped, illusion V-neckline and cap-sleeve bodice create an allure about this lacy gown that draws one in.



Sequined lace over satin with a hint of nostalgia this fit and flare gown features an illusion lace sweetheart neckline and long sleeves.



Corded lace featuring Swarovski crystals and Luxe Chiffon partner in this simple sheath with just the right touch of glam.



A modern vision for a classic style, this tulle with corded lace ball gown features an illusion lace bodice with bateau neckline and full skirt, detailed with lace scallops and delicately beaded trim at the waist.



Classic glamour in a traditional lace ball gown.



A soft tulle overlay lightly veils this delicate lace sheath creating an ethereal aesthetic, while a Swarovski crystal embellished motif glistens at the waistline.



Hollywood glamour is epitomized in this halter A-line silhouette gown.

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