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DIY: Gold Monogram Favors

This DIY was inspired by a gold monogram necklace and it might just be the easiest project ever. ​A glittery gold alphabet sticker is placed on a gold mailing seal to create the metal on metal effect, and that’s pretty much all there is to it!



* Gold alphabet stickers
* 1/8″ hole punch
 * Gold mailing seals
 * Gold cord
 * Favor box
 * Scissors

Step 1 – Punch 2 holes on a gold seal.
Step 2 – Place an alphabet sticker on the seal.
Step 3 – Cut a piece of cord long enough to wrap around the favour box, plus a little extra to tie a knot.
Step 4 – Thread cord through the gold seal



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DIY: Four Leaf Clover Favor Bags

Lucky little four leaf clover bags make an adorable accessory for any event that needs a little extra green.


You will need:

  • 3×4 inch muslin bags
  •  freezer paper
  •  clover craft punch
  •  acrylic craft paint (most supplies can be found at craft stores, like Michael’s Craft)


Punch a clover out of a piece of freezer paper. With a clothes iron, iron the freezer paper square, wax side down, onto your muslin bag. Place a scrap piece of paper inside your muslin bag to prevent the paint from soaking onto the back. Paint over the clover punch. Peel off the freezer paper and allow your bag to dry.


You can make as many clover prints on your bag as you want, just repeat the instructions above and allow the paint to dry in between each clover. This same idea can be repeated on a bigger tote, shirt, scarf or basically anything you might want to wear on St. Patrick’s Day!



*Photography,  and styling by Sara Schmutz.


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