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Shabby Chic Rustic Dress Inspiration

image                                     Denim And Lace Flower Girl Dress

My two daughters are going to be in my sister’s wedding as a flower girl and junior bridesmaid.  I was told I can choose any style dress with the only requisite being the dresses match a rustic shabby chic theme. I have no clue what that means.  Help!

A.  For a rustic shabby chic wedding look for dresses with lace, flowers, and denim. I did a quick search on Etsy and found  some really cute handmade shabby chic dresses on Cha Cha Louise. Here are a few of my favorites….

image                                       Junior.Bridesmaid Tulle Dress

image                                        Shabby Chic Lace Baby Dress

image                               Vintage Lace Junior Bridesmaid Dress

image                                    Denim and Lace Flower Girl Dress

image                                        Vintage Lace Toddler Dress

image                                   Shabby Chic Brown Lace Dress

image                                Rustic Shabby Chic Flower Girl Dress

image                                         Victorian Lace Flower Girl Dress

***  You can view the entire line of handmade Cha Cha Louise Dresses here.

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Shabby Chic Scrabble Inspired Wedding Dessert Table

Shabby Chic Scrabble Inspired Wedding Dessert Table

How do you take a casual board game like Scrabble and make it E-L-E-G-A-N-T? Cheryl Weise of CW distinctive DESIGNS used lace, burlap and an all white color palette for her Shabby Chic Scrabble Inspired Wedding Dessert Table! Incredible desserts and classic candy on a handcrafted ruffle tablecloth add even more sweetness to a very special day. :)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

–  Themed “Love” Scrabble tile cookies
–  White candy in apothecary jars with graphic lace cards
–  Burlap flowers, “Sweets” bunting and dessert table runner

Shabby Chic Scrabble Inspired Wedding Dessert Table

Shabby Chic Scrabble Inspired Wedding Dessert Table

Shabby Chic Scrabble Inspired Wedding Dessert Table

Shabby Chic Scrabble Inspired Wedding Dessert Table

Shabby Chic Scrabble Inspired Wedding Dessert Table

Shabby Chic Scrabble Inspired Wedding Dessert Table

Shabby Chic Scrabble Inspired Wedding Dessert Table

Shabby Chic Scrabble Inspired Wedding Dessert Table

Shabby Chic Scrabble Inspired Wedding Dessert Table

*** Special Thank you to The Hostess With The Mostess for sharing this fun bridal shower.

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Keepsake Boxes Make Great Gifts

image                                    Shabby Chic Floral Trinket Box

Ever since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with small wooden boxes. Over the years my collection of boxes has grown substantially. Every birthday and Christmas I receive a new box or two.

My love for small jewelry boxes began when I was about five years old. My grandmother and I were in an antique junk store and I found an old dusty wooden box with a sailboat on the cover.  At first my grandmother told me it was too dirty, but she finally gave in and bought it for me. When we got home, we cleaned the box and I put all my plastic jewelry in it. I remember I felt so happy as I had a jewelry box just like my mother. That box sat on my bureau for years and now proudly sits on my desk. 

Keepsake wooden boxes make great bridesmaid and wedding gifts which will be cherished for years to come. They also make great Valentine’s day gifts (hint to my husband Matt). Not only are boxes functional, they also can be pretty accents to you home decor.

Here are a few handmade shabby chic style boxes I found on an Etsy shop called Nauticals And Nature. All boxes can be customized with different colors to match your home decor. 

image                                  French Country Bird Keepskake Box

image                                        Shabby Chic Floral Ring Box

image                              Distressed Nautical Chesapeake Bay Box

image                                 Shabby Chic Butterfly Jewelry Box

image                                 French Shabby Chic Floral Butterfly Box

image                                  Distressed Blue Heron Photo Box

image                                Shabby Chic Floral Small Jewelry Box

For more information on ordering a custom keepsake box please contact Nature and Nauticals. They will gladly make the box in any color or even use your digital photo to personalize the box. Deadline for Valentine’s orders is Feb 2!

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Shabby Chic Wedding Decor

After writing my last blog post about Mary and Dana’s Shabby Chic wedding I found myself on Etsy searching for vintage wedding decor. When I search the Etsy shops, I feel like a kid in the candy because I want everything! Today I found an Etsy store called Huckleberry Vintage which I want to share with you. Hopefully you can find some inspiration for your own vintage wedding.

This Large Shabby Chic Tote Box would be great for your wedding. You could put a pretty plant inside and use it as a floral centerpiece. Or maybe use it as a caddy to hold you wedding ceremony programs. You could also use it on your gift table and guests can leave cards in it.

No vintage style wedding would be complete without these mason jar candle votive holders. I know some people think the mason jar craze is dying but I still love them. I think they are a ”must have” for a vintage wedding. 

Isn’t this Pink Butterfly Napkin Holderadorable? It would look cute at your bridal shower.

This sweet “Home is where the heart is” Shabby Chic Framed Saying would be a perfect gift for the vintage bride.

Add a splash of color with these vintage shabby chic painted vases. You can group them all together for a beautiful centerpiece or display them around the reception area.

Add a little sunshine to your wedding decor with this yellow flower and hearts frame. It’s a fun idea to display photos of the bride and groom at the reception. Also you could display special photos as a memorial to honor a deceased loved one.

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Shabby Chic Wedding


I love the vintage Shabby Chic feel of Mary & Dana’s wedding. They were married last year in Dana’s backyard. Mary’s inspiration for her wedding was a vintage green tandem bike she found in an antique shop.



Fortunately for Mary, her mom owns an antique shop. So sourcing a lot of her decor was relatively easy. The milk bottle vases were found at various flea markets that her mom frequents.  How cute are those personalized wine labels?

Mary made all her own banners and signs.

* Dress Designer:Allure Couture via J’aime Bridal

* Photo Credits: Jessica Burke

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