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Affordable Rustic Wedding Inspiration


Q. I would like to get married at my parents farm and have a very casual barbecue reception with swimming and dancing. However, my future mother-in-law thinks that is corny. What do you think? Any suggestions for affordable decorations  Thanks!

A. Congratulations on your engagement! I think a barbecue country wedding would be a lot of fun. Decor for a country wedding is quite easy.  Here are some ideas….


Gingham tablecloths with wild flower centerpieces in simple vases can create a  charming homey atmosphere.


Create tables with large wood barrels and old rustic wood boards or doors.

One of the simplest ways to add a touch of fun to any wedding is with signs. Signs do not need to be the boring or traditional. I recently found some really cute vintage signs on an Etsy shop called Sauls Creative. I like these signs as they are hand painted on recycled wood.  Here are a few of my favorites…..


This vintage Grill This Way Wood Sign would be perfect for an outdoor barbecue.


Hope You’re Living High On the Hog  is an old Southern saying and would be charming for a rustic farm wedding.


This Vintage Wood Coffee Sign would  be  fun to display behind  your coffee serving area. After the wedding you could hang it in your kitchen.


Add a touch of charm to your pool area with this distressed Life Is Better By the Pool Wood Sign.


Encourage your guests to dance the night away with this Da Wake Zone Wood Sign.

A farm wedding would seem naked without burlap, lace, and, mason jars…




Baby’s Breath is very affordable and just seems to go perfect with a rustic wedding. 




Bales of hay covered with cloth can make fun seating areas.


****A very special Thank you to Sauls Creative for allowing us to use their vintage sign photos. You can view more signs here.

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Shabby Chic Rustic Dress Inspiration

image                                     Denim And Lace Flower Girl Dress

My two daughters are going to be in my sister’s wedding as a flower girl and junior bridesmaid.  I was told I can choose any style dress with the only requisite being the dresses match a rustic shabby chic theme. I have no clue what that means.  Help!

A.  For a rustic shabby chic wedding look for dresses with lace, flowers, and denim. I did a quick search on Etsy and found  some really cute handmade shabby chic dresses on Cha Cha Louise. Here are a few of my favorites….

image                                       Junior.Bridesmaid Tulle Dress

image                                        Shabby Chic Lace Baby Dress

image                               Vintage Lace Junior Bridesmaid Dress

image                                    Denim and Lace Flower Girl Dress

image                                        Vintage Lace Toddler Dress

image                                   Shabby Chic Brown Lace Dress

image                                Rustic Shabby Chic Flower Girl Dress

image                                         Victorian Lace Flower Girl Dress

***  You can view the entire line of handmade Cha Cha Louise Dresses here.

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DIY: Mason Jar Table Lanterns

Guest Blog: Simply Kierste

If you’re decorating for an indoor event, like a wedding or party, this would work really well. You’ll get the darling mason jar lantern look, while meeting the fire code at the same time. They’ll also be darling lining any table for an outdoor event as well!

You will see how simple this lantern—literally 3 minutes. LOVE that!


  • Half pint mason jars
  • Battery operated votives -
  • Double stick tape
  • Twine


1.  Set the mason jar lid upside down, and use a piece of double stick tape to attach the candle to the center. 

I use double stick tape because it’s strong enough to make sure the candle doesn’t move, but not so strong that you can’t easily remove it when you need to switch it on and off.

2.  Place the lid inside the ring, turn your mason jar upside down, and screw on the lid, so the candle is on the inside bottom.

3.  Tie a piece of twine  around the jar, and you’re set!  You can color coordinate ribbon or fabric instead of the twine if you want it to match a certain theme or color scheme, i.e. wedding colors. That’s it!!!  I told you it was so easy!!! 

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DIY: Bowtie Burlap Mason Jars


Handmade anything adds such a personal touch to celebrations big and small, which makes me love this easy DIY project.


So sweet, and so simple! Andrea fashioned these as guest favors filled with treats, but they could also be darling as embellished drink holders for bridal party members at the reception. They could also be fun for a bridal shower, bridesmaids’ brunch, or girls’ weekend!

Your Instructions:




1. Cut an 8 x 8 inch piece of fabric and fold it as shown, first in half, and then in half again. Sew along the unfinished edge.

2. Rotate the seam to the middle. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and sew again along the short unfinished edge. Move the seam to the middle again.

3. Cut a small piece of fabric (mine was 2 x 4). This will become the middle of your bow tie. Fold it in half lengthwise and sew along the open edge, then move that seam to the middle as well.

4. Wrap your “middle” around the middle of the tie to see how tight you think it needs to be. Slip it off and sew it closed in that spot, making a small loop.

5. After sewing the middle piece closed, squeeze it back into place in the middle of the tie. It should be fairly tight. You now have your bow tie!

6. Adhere the burlap ribbon and bow tie to the Mason jar using your glue gun, and enjoy!

 * All photos by the lovely Jade + Matthew Take Pictures!


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Rustic Rehearsal Dinner

 Kate and Quinton’s rehearsal dinner stole my heart the second I saw it. There are so many bold red and white details, from the apple red chairs to the gorgeous gerbera daisy centerpieces. I love creative ways to display flowers, so I died for the adorable cowboy boots-turned vases on the fantastic vintage red truck. Not to mention, the truck is actually Quinton’s! Their oyster roast dinner was on the water at Kiawah Island Resort, and truly embraced the natural, woodsy feel of the surrounding landscape.

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…


* Photo Credits: Kellie Kano Photography

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Rustic Table Decor Ideas

To make sure you have a few steal worthy ideas for your next event,  Caroline & Evan Photography and Every Last Detail collaborated to bring you some rustic table decor ideas. Not only are they eye-catching, but they are doable and affordable. The best combination in our book.

Perfect for your wedding, rehearsal dinner or whenever you feel like entertaining. With hand-drawn place-mats that incorporate your menu, custom wine labels  and buckets of flatware, you have a rustic elegant table scape.

FromEvery Last Detail:

The linen, known as a “Dress Up” linen from Under Stella’s Umbrella, was a little rustic and a little elegant. So I decided to go with a more casual take on the tablescape, incorporating a more “picnic” feel to everything. A&P Design Co. created hand-drawn place-mats that incorporated a menu, killing two birds with one stone. They also created a custom wine label, allowing for a bottle wine to be placed on the table family-style. Add in buckets of flatware, a tray of rosemary rolls with olive oil, and mason jars to act as place-cards, and you have a rustic elegant tables-cape!

Some other fun details: FiftyFlowers had a rosemary wreath that escort cards were attached to, and I also added little Mr & Mrs signs to the antique chairs that were at the table.

We love the plaque chalkboard stickers. For $9 you get 15 you can use them for table numbers or place cards. Place them on miss mismatched vintage glass bottles or the tried and true mason jars.

Photographer: Caroline & Evan Photography
Event Designer: Every Last Detail
Linen: Under Stella’s Umbrella
Stationery: A&P Design Co.

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Rustic Shabby Chic Style


                          Rustic Shabby Chic Hand Painted Vase

When it comes to home decor, everyone has different tastes. Some love modern or contemporary, while others love country, rustic or the romantic style of shabby chic. My style seems to run more of the rustic-shabby chic homey feel with a lot of feminine features tossed. So when I found this large hand-painted vase on an Etsy shop called Paris Styles Designs it was love at first sight! I love the the muted hues as it gives the vase a vintage look of an old piece of pottery. This vase would make a great wedding gift!

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DIY: Sparkly Rustic Tray

My interior design philosophy is that you can never have too many trays in your home. I probably own close to a dozen and use them to corral flowers, hold candles, create pretty spaces for jewelry, as a mail organizer, and for serving cocktails. This tray, in particular, is one of my favorites since it’s a cross between rustic and modern, but plain enough so that you can customize it with just a couple of simple steps.

For an afternoon cocktail gathering recently, we decided to make ours feel a bit more festive with some glitter tape that we ran along the edge and then wrapped hemp twine cord around the handles to offset the sparkles  I love how it came out, but I am perhaps even just as excited about the fact that if I want a holiday-inspired tray in a couple of months that I can easily re-do the entire thing.

Note: The supplies used in this project can be found online

*Special Thanks to Cupcake and Cashmere for sharing this project with us.

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