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Cute Bicycle Thank You Cards ~ Free Printable

These sweet little cards are perfect for thanking your wedding guests or friends who celebrate with you at your housewarming party or anniversary bash. Print on white card stock, score and fold, and you’ve got quick, easy and super adorable thank you cards.

Download your bicycle thank you cards in pink, mint and blue


* Photo Credit: The Sweetest Occassion

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DIY: Candy Bags {Free Printable}


I’ve been at a few weddings where buffets are used for dessert. It has become  quite popular, and for good reason. It saves you a bit of money and keeps the guests happy as there’s a lot to choose from and a great variety.

For today’s DIY we have some handy labels you can print on bags to use at your dessert table, be it for a wedding, kitchen tea, or birthday party . They can either be used while serving dessert, or as little doggy bags (there’s always plenty left afterwards – don’t want it to go to waste).



Instructions for Candy Bags:

Believe it or not, but household (single feed) printers are the best for printing on paper bags. Bigger printers will most definitely get paper jams and create lots of frustration!

Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

1) Change your page size to A5 (or whatever is closest to your paper bags size), and remember to select “fit to page”.

2) Make sure you set the bag up properly in the feed tray of your printer with any loose flaps facing down, away from the side you want printed.

3) Don’t let the design go to close to the outer sides of the bag. 

Download Candy Bags Here

Photo Credits:The Pretty Blog

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