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Profile Place Cards

For place cards, create custom silhouette art by photographing the profiles of the bride and groom, cutting their shape out carefully, tracing onto card stock and painting black. Stamp female guests’ names above the bride’s silhouette, and males’ names above the groom’s silhouette, then place in a simple gold frame.


Preppy Places

Turn on the charm by laying a hemstitch linen runner down the length of a rustic wood table. Create a striking place setting by stacking dinnerware in alternating navy and white patterns.  Top it off with heirloom silver and etched glassware.


Harvest Favors

With a rustic wedding theme, favors needn’t be intricate or over-the-top. A seasonal piece of beautiful fruit, wrapped in burlap and tied with twine, makes an organic souvenir that adds a sweet touch to each setting and tastes as good as it looks!


Farm to Table

Set a romantically rustic scene with a color palette of burlap, white, cream, sage and olive. A white linen and burlap runner creates the perfect base, while white dinner and salad plates, napkins made from dishtowels and heirloom silver tied with twine bring the look together. Cut craft paper card stock into small tags, and write guests’ names in a pretty script for a simple place card.


Succulents To Go

Punch up your dinnerware with a favor that’s easy to DIY and brings a natural element to the table. Simply paint a small cardboard box, then fill it with long-lasting mini succulents. You’ll create a focal point at each place setting that’s perfect for tucking a place card underneath.


Color Me Retro

Set a midcentury modern table with a bold aqua graphic print and coordinating coral napkins. At each seat, textured white plates with geometric patterns, sleek gold flatware and retro martini glasses make a bright and inviting place setting. 


Prints and Patterns

Create an exotic table that’s full of color and texture by layering pattern on top of pattern. Brightly hued strips of fabric laid across the table serve as unexpected horizontal runners, and they allow the look of a rustic wood tabletop to show through. Metallic plates make each place setting pop, while graphic napkins, gold flatware and beautiful glassware add richness to the decor.


Animal Party

For a bit of whimsy, spray-paint small animal figurines metallic gold, then place in the center of each plate. Tuck a handwritten or calligraphied place card under each animal for a look that’s both regal and playful.

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DIY: Eco Friendly Wedding Favors

These Do It Yourself Eco Friendly Place Settings and Favors are a fun idea for a spring/summer wedding and easy to put together. Plus they are an affordable  favor your guests can actually bring home and enjoy them long after the wedding.


1. Scissors
2. Any small potted plant
3. Potting Gloves
4. Potting shovel (if needed)
5. Twine Hole Puncher
6. Small Terracotta Pot


1. Start off by planting one of your flower/herb plants into the small Terracotta pot.

2. Print your saying of choice on your recycled paper. We used “Please plant this flower to remember our day and watch our love blossom in your garden everyday”
Once printed, cut into small strips.

3. Using the hole puncher, punch a hole in the top left corner of the strip. Cut the twine to desired length (determined by how many times you wish to wrap around the pot).

4. Cut the twine to desired length (determined by how many times you wish to wrap around the pot).


 Last but not least, wrap twine around the pot and tie off in the front, making a bow, and place at each place setting.

* A special thanks to Hilton Pittman Photography and Viva L’Event for this adorable wedding project.

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DIY: Chalkboard Place Cards

These little guys are an amazing addition to any place setting. So adorable. Perfect for any wedding or parties leading up to the big day.



-  4” x 6” picture frames
-  sheet Masonite(s)
-  primer (for hardboard)
-  blackboard paint (for hardboard)
-  latex primer (for frame)
-  latex paint (for frame)

Inexpensive wood picture frames are widely available at décor and craft stores. The one pictured measures 4” x 6”.

A 1/8”-thick sheet of Masonite (also known as “hardboard”) can be purchased in sheet form at building supply stores. At the store, get this sheet cut into pieces, each measuring 5-7/8” x 3-7/8”.

Blackboard Basics

Using blackboard paint is a snap. You’ll have to invest a little time, but the actual technique is quite simple. The keys to success are to apply several coats (two to three), let each dry thoroughly, and allow the final coat to cure for several days before writing on the surface.

  • To prepare the surfaces, lightly sand the area with 120- or 140-grit sandpaper (this will allow the paint to adhere best to the surface). Wipe the surface with a damp cloth to clean away all dust.

  • Using low-tack masking tape, carefully tape off the area you will be painting.

  • Apply a coat of primer (use Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start 023 primer on already-finished surfaces and Benjamin Moore’s Alkyd Enamel Underbody 217 on raw wood). Let dry overnight.

  • Apply a coat of blackboard paint (try Benjamin Moore’s Studio Finishes Chalkboard Paint 307). Let dry overnight.

  • Apply a second coat of blackboard paint. Let dry thoroughly. If needed, apply a third coat. To let the final coat dry thoroughly, wait at least three days (and ideally seven) before writing on the blackboard surface.


1. Prepare frames by removing the glass inserts and cardboard backings from each frame.

2. Apply blackboard paint. Sand, prime and paint the Masonite.

3. Paint picture frames. Once all paint is dry, reassemble frames (with Masonite in place of glass).

And that’s it! Adorable place cards that you can reuse! 

*Photo Credit : Canadian House & Home

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DIY: Sailor Knots

"Tying the knot" becomes literal when you make these simple sailor's knots to scatter around your wedding venue!

These fun knots are perfect as favors, place cards, or simply just as table accents.  Alternatively, the knots can be turned into napkin rings by using a longer length of rope when making the knot, and hot gluing the ends together to form a circle.

Step One

Clothesline is the just the right thickness for these knots, is inexpensive, and is widely available at hardware stores. First, form a loop in the rope, as shown in the image on the left, and then bring the tail down in back, like in the image on the right.

Step Two

Bring the tail through the loop, and then pull taut. Voila! A neat-looking figure eight knot.

Step Three

Trim each end of the rope to the desired length. 

* Credits: Project styling and photographs by Mary Swenson & Project Wedding


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DIY : Daffodil Place Settings

Guest Blog by Suzanne Stirling




1. Cut a circle in the bottom of the largest cupcake liner (poke scissors in the middle to make a small hole and then cut out as pictured).

2. Using the petal markings on the liners as a guide, cut down, in between the colored areas, to create defined petal shapes.

3. Scrunch up the bottom of the largest cupcake liner just a bit, so that it conforms to the size and shape of the bottom of the smallest cupcake liner. (The small folds and pleats that will occur give the petals more dimension and movement.) Put a little glue on the inside edge of the largest cupcake liner and put the smallest liner in the middle. Press the edges of the largest liner around the smaller one and hold for a few seconds, until the glue sets.

Place the finished flowers in egg cups (or just place them on the table or plate). Fill with small candies.


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DIY: Paper Flower Escort Cards / Name Settings

Guest Blogger Nella from has generously shared more of her creative DIY wisdom with us in the form of these delicate paper flowers to use as escort cards or name settings.

 And over to Nella….

 What you will need:

  • Craft paper 4” square
  • Fabric leaves 2”
  • Skeleton Leaves 2”
  • Adhesive Glue
  • Scissors
  • Needle and Thread

 Step 1: Draw a spiral on a 4 inch square. I used 90 weight paper although regular colored craft paper would work equally well.

Step 2: Cut out the spiral along the lines you’ve drawn.

Step 3: Roll the spiral from the outside.

Step 4: Use a spot of adhesive to glue the body of the flower onto the round bit left.

Now you’re finished with the flower!

Step 5: Use a pencil to faintly write your guests’ names in a pretty cursive. I’ve used pen for emphasis. Don’t forget the table number for escort cards.

Step 6: Follow the lines using small stitches. You could also use paper if you are not so keen on sewing.

Step 7: Attach the skeleton leaf and your personalized leaf to the flower.

Martha Stewart may be able to make 100 of these in 15 minutes but for us mere mortals make a party of it with a bottle of wine and a few friends – nothing like the promise of food and a mimosa to bribe some slave labor


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