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DIY: Cotton Candy Party Favors - Free Printables


The photo above makes me feel nostalgic for my youth. Some of my happiest childhood memories are visiting my grandparents in Myrtle Beach and eating cotton candy on the pier. No matter how old I get, cotton candy memories always make me smile.

If you’re looking for a unique, yet fun wedding favor this next tutorial is for you….






  • Cotton Candy - My favorite source is Spinn Candy
  • Translucent Paper with white polka dots for the envelopes.
  • White printable sticker paper or white card for labels
  • Double sided tape or glue.
  • Scalpel or Scissors.
  • Color Printer.
  • Rounded corner punch - for envelopes
  • Small clear plastic sealable bags- these will need to fit inside the translucent bag. (If they are too long they can always be folded back slightly).
  • Label design - Download below.
  • Envelope template- DOWNLOAD HERE

Label Downloads


Aqua Label | Download


Pink Label | Download


Green Label | Download


Print out your envelope design onto translucent, white polka dot paper and using the scalpel, cut out, score along fold lines (indicated by dotted lines) and construct your envelope. I’ve used double sided tape on the side tabs to stick the envelope together. Use the rounded corner punch on the corners of the lid.

Put your cotton candy into a sealable bag and make sure it is sealed thoroughly. Slip this bag into your translucent envelope.

Print our your labels and cut out with scalpel.  For the rounded semi-circle edge, I found that cutting carefully and slowly with a scissors produced quite an accurate cut and I didn’t need anything more sophisticated than that.

If you are using white card, put a strip of double sided tape along the length of the back of your label and stick onto the front of the bag. (View photos for positioning).

*** Special Thank You …

I want to Thank my friends Tim and Cindy owners of Spinn Candy for inspiring this blog. They make the best hand spun cotton candy you will ever taste.


Spin Candy can help you with all your cotton candy needs whether for your wedding, birthday party, or a fundraiser program. They also offer wholesale programs for businesses.


For more information on ordering Cotton Candy, please visit Spinn City online or give them a call at: (908) 291-8190.

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DIY: Paper Bows ~ Free Printable

Spring is a perfect time to add a pretty little bow on your packages and party decor.


 For this template there are four sizes from the large bow that to a tiny version. These are outline templates that you can print onto your pretty paper, or print in card stock and use to outline onto you paper.

For those of you who have a cutting machine there is also a  SVG file to make these bows.

Once you have your bows cut and ready to assemble, you can use the tutorial in this post.

** A very special Thank You to Lia Griffith for this fun download.

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Belly bands are one super handy, and cost effective element to add to your wedding invitations. They come in all shapes and sizes and have lots of different uses. One of the most obvious is to keep a wedding invitation, consisting of loose papers, neatly together. To use a belly band is more cost effective than binding them together. These little paper bands could also replace an envelope should you decide to deliver some invitation by hand. They are also great  way for an extra message or a pretty design element, to get your guests excited even before opening the invitation


For today’s printable we have a few different belly bands in happy, summery colors. These will look playfully chic paired with a monochrome invitation, printed in black on white or brown craft paper. Alternatively keep it all color by using a matching color scheme. These should work around most invitation sizes, as the belly bands quite long.


  • Your wedding invitation
  • The printed out belly band
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissor


Cut out the belly band.

Apply a piece of double sided tape to the one end of the belly band.

Wrap the belly band around your invite and fasten with the double sided tape. Trim the paper band if it is too long, to make it look nice and neat.


NOTE: Please be patient as there is slight hesitation before opening.


                                       We’re Getting Married 


                                              Lavender Band


                                                Airplane Band


                                             You’re Invited Band


                                           Couple Head Profiles

      image                                                              Special Delivery


                                              Heart And Wreath


                                                 Save The Date 

** A special thank you to The Pretty Blog for the Belly Band Downloads.

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DIY: 10 Free Printable Wedding Projects

There’s a lot of amazing DIY wedding design that you can accomplish with just a printer and paper. The extra details like bride and groom chair signs or custom favor bags can be printed easily at home for the price of the paper and ink. We’ve brought together the printable wedding templates we’re loving now from talented designers around the web. All you need to do is click the link, download and print!

Printable Mr. and Mrs. Signs


>  Get the template here.

Script Bridesmaid Proposal Card

DIY printable bridesmaid proposal card: Something Pretty /

>  Get the template here.

 Printable Calendar Save-The-Date


>  Get the template here.

Simple Table Number Printables


>  Get the template here.

DIY Ceremony Seating Signs


> Get the template here.

Speech Bubble Escort Card and Menus (For Your Rehearsal Dinner!)


> Get the template here.

Navy Floral Cocktail Hour Bar Sign 


> Get the template here.

Printable Advice Cards For The Bridal Shower and Reception


> Get the template here.

Print and Fold Pie Favor Container


>  Get the template here.

Love Is Sweet Dessert Bags

>   Get the template here.

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DIY Mini Candy Milk Cartons - Free Printable


For a somewhat less traditional take on wedding favors, try these cute and quirky candy boxes in the style of miniature milk cartons!



  • White A4 Paper or card 
  • Colour Inkjet or Laser Printer
  • White Brads
  • Guillotine or Scalpel
  • Ruler
  • Double-sided Tape (or glue)
  • Small Round Hole punch (around 2.5 mm in diameter)
  • Template (Download below)




Print out the design template on your color printer. I’ve deliberately removed the cut/fold lines on the design template as it would show on your final carton so please use this milk carton template from Mirkwood Designs as a reference for where to fold and cut on your actual design template.

Using your ruler and scalpel, gently score along the fold lines, that are indicated by the dotted lines on your reference, on your printed template then crop your template out and cut along cutting lines that are indicated by solid lines on your reference. Please make sure you score first because once you’ve cut out your template you will no longer be able to see the guide lines around the edge that I’ve included as a visual aid for where the fold/cut lines should be.

Fold into carton. This should be fairly easy to work out. Use double-sided tape  (or glue) to stick the bottom flaps together and close your carton.

Fill up your carton with candy. Probably the most appropriate candy would be milk bottles! In the center of the top tab of your carton, use your punch to create a round hole then use a white brad to secure it shut.

***A Special Thank You to Eat, Drink & Chic for sharing this fun printable

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DIY: Wedding Hanky Love Letters - Printable

Guest Blog: Amy Moss

I love the creative ways in which vintage handkerchiefs have been incorporated into weddings recently! Whether for Save the Dates, Invitations or simply for decoration- a collection of these hankies in various floral patterns creates such a beautiful, old-fashioned aesthetic.

Inspired by this concept, I designed some letter-writing paper sheets in the style of vintage hankies. Guests can pick them off a line to write little notes to the newlyweds and then hang them back up for display!

These “Hanky” Love Letters are a unique guestbook alternative for your wedding.

Download the designs below and print out onto textured white stock. Then use a ruler and scalpel to cut out the individual sheets.

I’ve also provided a design with a cross-stitch heart in the center. This can be used as a decorative device in between your hanging letters.

I hope you enjoy these designs! I’m sure you can find a multitude of other uses for them also - such as,  notecards, everyday letter-writing, thank-you notes etc.

Set Of Wedding “Hanky” Designs (3 Page PDF)


Love Letters For The Newlywed Sign


Hanky With Cross Stitch Heart


(If file does not download properly, try right clicking on the download button and save to your computer.)

***A special Thank You to Amy Moss Editor or Eat, Drink, Chic for sharing this fun project with us.

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DIY: Dyed Stationery And Cards

Strike up a colorful correspondence using dip-dyed papers. Different papers will take fabric dye differently (and coated papers may not take it at all), so results can be surprising. We also dipped a roll of rayon seam binding, resulting in wide stripes.

We used Rit liquid dyes in Scarlet, Denim, and Navy, and Rit powder dye in Gray. You can combine colors for custom shades. Let the dye solution cool before dipping paper.

Don’t worry about creating precise lines when dipping in dye; irregularities are part of the appeal. If you still have dye left over after dipping, pour it back into it’s can to use for future projects.


  • Announcement cards and envelopes
  • Greeting cards and envelopes
  • Watercolor postcards
  • Shipping tag
  • Seam binding
  • Plastic storage bin or galvanized-steel bin
  • Stir stick
  • All-purpose liquid or powder dye
  • Paper towel, for sample


Fill plastic bin with hot water to a depth of at least 6 inches. Stir in dye, starting with a small amount and adding more as desired. Dip a sample strip of paper towel to test the color. If too dark, add water; if too light, add dye. Let solution settle, so there are no bubbles at the surface.


Holding your paper as straight as possible, dip into dye solution to desired line. Keep paper in dye until it turns the desired color. Hang to dry.

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Origami Heart With Pocket



1. Valley fold paper from corner to corner, making a triangle.



2. Valley fold the triangle from corner to corner, making a smaller triangle.


3. Unfold everything — you’ll have a square of paper with an X crease.


4. Valley fold the bottom edge up to the top.


5. Valley fold the left edge over to the right.


6. Unfold everything — you’ll have a square of paper with an astrix crease.  To make this a bit easier, flip your paper over and refold everything so your folds crease both ways.


7. Valley fold paper from corner to corner, making a triangle.   (I know, we’ve done this before *grin*)


8. Push the corner in so it meets the top corner 
(Click here to see a big photo of this step — close photo window when done viewing to return here)


9. Push the paper under and crease firmly
(Click here to see a big photo of this step — close photo window when done viewing to return here)


10. Repeat the process on the other side 


11. When you look at it from the top it looks like a squished cup 
(Click here to see a big photo of this step — close photo window when done viewing to return here)


12. When you look at it from the front it looks like a diamond with a crease in the center.  The opening should be at the top of the project.


13. Valley fold the top layer of paper down.


14. Flip over.


15. Valley fold the top layer of paper down.


16. Valley fold the two points at an angle so they form little triangles who’s edges match the edge of the previous fold


17. Valley fold the tips of the triangle down.


18.  Valley fold the side points of the heart inward.


19. Optional:  apply a bit of glue or tape to the last 4 folds (the 2 tips and 2 points) — strictly speaking, this isn’t allowed in origami, but it will make your project sturdy enough to slip candy into your pocket.


20. Flip your heart over and pull open the little pocket in the front if you would like to slip in a note, or small candy!



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DIY : Tape Stencil Stationery


  • roll of painter’s tape
  • X-Acto knife
  • pencil
  • cardstock
  • ink pads
  • mini hole punch
  • twine (for gift tags)
  • vellum envelopes (optional)


1. Start by cutting a small triangle template out of cardstock. Use a pencil to trace triangles along the bottom edge of a roll of painter’s tape. Also use the template to space the triangles evenly apart. Now trace triangles along the other edge (staggered between the triangles on the bottom edge).

2. Use an X-Acto knife to cut along the pencil lines. Go over the cuts a few times with your X-Acto until you have cut through several layers of the tape.

3. Now use your tape to decorate cards, gift tags, postcards, etc. You can stagger and space the tape in many different ways to create different designs.

4. I used small ink pads to color in my designs. Just turn the ink pad upside down and pat it onto any exposed parts of the paper.

Tip: If you have used several layers of tape and it starts to rip when you are trying to peel it, go over your lines again with your X-Acto knife, and also peel off the leftover triangle bits of the tape.

You’re done! You can use your stamped designs for gift tags, stationery, gift wrap — you name it!

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DIY: Thank You Wedding Cards - Free Printable

Your maid of honor and bridesmaids play a big part in the preparation of your wedding. Thank them in style with these special Thank You cards. The matching gift tags will help adore any present you had in mind. These thank you cards and gift tags can be downloaded for free and you can easily print them from home.

Thank You For Being My Bridesmaid Card

Size: 5” x 3 1/2”



Thank You For Being My Maid Of Honor Card

Size: 5” x 3 1/2”



** A special thank you to Love VS Design


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Guest Blog Lia Griffith

Last Christmas, a designer friend of mine introduced me to making the paper poinsettia from a cocktail napkin. I loved this idea, and after a few tweaks and a glitter addition, I love it even more. I now call it my 30 second gift topper. I have made a step-by-step tutorial below and promise after a few tries, you will have it down to 30 seconds too. This would be very pretty in white or even gold or silver napkins. Give that a try! Cheers! ~ Lia

* A Very Special Thank You To Lia Griffith. You can see more of her great projects at her Etsy Lia Griffith Shop 

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Bright Holiday Gift Tags - Free Printable

Share your joy and cheer with these Bright gift tags. These printable gift tag labels are easy to add to gift bags, packages, bottles, jars and more. 12 Bright gift tags without any text and 12 Bright gift tags with different holiday messages. (Printable below)

Size: 1 3/4” x 3”



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