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DIY Printable Free Chalkboard Just Married Banner

Today we are sharing a free printable “just married” banner – perfect for adding a little whimsy to your wedding reception decor, wedding photos or send-off. 

We love this banner because it is easy to make and is versatile! You can hang it on a dessert table or hold it in a wedding photo to include in your thank you cards. Also, when we were looking at this template we realized that the letters for “Mr” and “Mrs” are in the words “just married” so you can also use printable template for a Mr. and Mrs. banner as well! We included the ampersand pennant for you to use if you want to spell out “Mr. & Mrs”.

To make this banner you will need:

• ribbon or twine
• heavy card stock
• scissors or an Xacto knife
• hole punch

Simply download the banner template by clicking the link below, and print out on heavy card stock. Trim each pennant, punch holes at the top using the guides and string together using narrow ribbon or twine.

*** A special Thank You to Elli Blog for sharing this printable with us. 

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DIY Printable Neon Stationery Set

Neon is a trend that’s still going strong. If it’s important that your life have more of it, consider printing your own neon DIY stationery set with this downloadable freebie. 

Jessica designed notepaper and a matching envelope in two patterns: scallops and stripes. They turned out a bit Kate Spade-y, no? You can mix them or match them. 

We printed the designs on sheets from a pack of Astrobright Neon paper I bought at Office Max. It’s a common brand available at most office stores. But if neon scalds your eyeballs or reminds you too painfully of junior high, use any paper you like. Brown kraft paper would be cool, too.

Download the free, printable PDF right here.

The document has four pages; print out the pages you need at 100%.

Trim out the notepaper sheets.

Cut out the envelope templates, score along the fold lines, and fold the flaps inward. Secure them with a glue stick. Mail a note to a friend. Or print up sets of these, tie them with black ribbon or neon twine (I spotted some at Paper Source the other day) and give them as small gifts or party favors.

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DIY: Watercolor Wash Place Cards


These beautiful place cards will make a statement on any table. Each card has a unique watercolor wash background flecked with contrasting acrylic paint, and the possible color combinations of watercolor and calligraphy are endless. This project can be made over and over again and adapted to any occasion, whether it’s a wedding reception, holiday dinner, or birthday party.

Yield: 75 place cards
Time: 8 hours (including drying time)
Budget: $65.00

• 90 3.5×6-inch pieces pieces of heavy watercolor paper cut
• Pan of assorted watercolors
• 1 tbsp acrylic paint in an accent color for splattering
• 2 tbsp table salt
• Ink, watercolor or gouache of your choice for the calligraphy
• 1-inch-wide artist tape
• Wide paint brush
• Small paint brush for watercoloring
• Dish of water
• Paper towels
• Bone folder
• Calligraphy nib and holder
• Old toothbrush


1. Apply a strip of artist tape across the full width of each watercolor paper card, starting 1 inch up from the bottom short edge. Press the tape down firmly, especially along the edges, so that no watercolor will be able to seep underneath. There should now be 1 inch of paper exposed below the tape and 4 inches exposed above it.


2. Using the large paint brush, brush both the front and back of each card with water, then pat dry with a paper towel. (This prevents the paper fibers from expanding unevenly and warping.) Since there are so many cards, I recommend painting about twelve at a time so your workspace doesn’t get too cluttered.


3. Using the smaller paint brush, paint the cards with an abstract watercolor design in the colors of your choice. (I normally combine two to four watercolor shades per card, but play around with what you like best.) Don’t let this step scare you! This should be liberating because there is no wrong way to do it. You can fill up the entire paper with paint or leave portions of it unpainted. You can overlap the colors or keep them from touching. You can paint uneven blobs or perfect pinstripes or streaks fanning out in circles like fireworks. You can use light, similar shades for an elegant, understated look, or bright, contrasting ones for a bold, festive effect. Each card can be different – if you use the same colors, they will tie together in a series.


4. If your paper is soaking wet, blot off excess watercolor with a folded paper towel. Then sprinkle the cards with a pinch of table salt. The salt crystals create a unique pattern by absorbing the wet color they land on, producing slightly lighter spots when you brush off the salt later (see step 6).


5. With the old toothbrush, splatter acrylic paint randomly over the card. Choose a color that will really stand out from the background colors you chose. I really like using gold to add some sparkle. Lay flat and let dry.


6. Brush off the salt and carefully peel off the tape. If the cards aren’t flat (which can happen in humid weather), press them between a stack of books overnight.


7. Fold the cards in half and make a sharp crease with a bone folder.


8. Use ink, watercolor, or gouache to calligraph the guests’ names in the blank strip on each card. If you’re nervous about messing up, just practice each name on scrap paper a few times until you’re comfortable. Let dry completely.


*** Thanks so much to to Green Wedding  Shoes and Molly Suber Thorpe for sharing this lovely DIY with us today. For those interested in learning more about calligraphy, pick up Molly’s latest book Modern Calligraphy.

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DIY: Chocolate Darling Dynamite


Isn’t this an adorable idea?

What you will need…

  • 3 packs of Rolos
  • 1 sheet of red construction paper
  • 2 black pipe cleaners
  • scotch tape


Trim the construction paper into three pieces and wrap each piece around a pack of Rolos and secure with tape. Hold onto the excess construction paper for now.

Wrap the pieces of construction paper around each pack of Rolos and secure with a bit of tape.

Gather the three packs of wrapped Rolos into a bunch and secure with a pipe cleaner.

Using the excess construction paper from Step #1, make a tag with the message “Darling, you’re dynamite!” (Other message suggestions: “You’re a blast!” or “You’re the bomb!”) String the tag onto the pipe cleaner.

Lastly, the second pipe cleaner in the middle of the three packs of Rolos, trimming off the end so that your “fuse” is an inch or two long.


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DIY: Dimensional Heart Garland

The only thing better than a  bright confetti garland is a garland with an added dimension to it. Don’t you agree? With it’s simple heart shapes and pretty colors, this dimensional heart garland has it all. An easy project to bring a detail of prettiness to any wedding decor. Hang between rows of seats, behind a dessert table, vertically to stage the ceremony, or around the head table as accent décor.




  • Heart Punch
  • Craft Paper
  • Glue
  • String


Punch out hearts for the length of your bunting. Each section of the bunting will use two hearts.


Once the hearts are punched, cut a length of thin string and begin gluing on the hearts. Lay one heart down (backside up). Center a small line of glue, then quickly layer the string on top and another heart (backside down). Measure a few inches and continue the process.


Once all the hearts are laid and dried, fold the top and bottom hearts away from one another for a pretty 3D effect.


Run the lengths of garland around cardboard dividers and tape in place as you go. This will make it easier to transport without getting tangled.



*** Special Thank You to: Subtle Revelry  |   Photography By: Pictilio

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We are quite excited to add this Fabulous Freebie to our list! These are easy to download with one click. Open in Adobe Acrobat where you can personalize the names, initials and message on the belly band. Each PDF has instructions at the top of the page.

In this kit you will find:

1) 5X7 Notecard Templates. Editable PDF format. 3 colors: purpleteal yellow

2) Avery 8293 Label Template. Editable PDF fomat. 3 colors: purpleteal & yellow

3) Notecard Belly Bands. Editable PDF fomat. Matches all color options

You can purchase matching A7 envelopes at a paper or craft store such as Paper Source.








*** Thank you to Lia for this great download. Find more of her creative inspiration at

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Grey, blush and cream tones give a wedding a soft, elegant feeling with a dash of vintage flavor. I just love these colors together and want to share with you this lovely DIY favor box kit from Included you will find a paper box template that’s super easy to assemble, a collection of gift tags and a DIY paper rose to top off the favor box beautifully.

Set behind each guest’s plate as a wedding favor or give to your wedding party, or use them for whatever you like!  Just simply click the link below, download and print.

** Project & Photo Credits (Thank You!)

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DIY: Love Notes Box

What You’ll Need:

  • An unfinished wood box (got ours at Michael’s)
  • Metal handle 
  • Spray paint (we used Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze about $3.50)
  • The following free downloads…

  Download Lovenotes
  Download Lovenotescards
  Download Lovenotestags

  • Ribbon
  • 3” circle punch (or you could trace the top of a cup)
  • 3 3/4 ” white scalloped circle (cut with the Cricut or Punch)

STEP ONE:   Gather all of your supplies and print off all the downloads. Cut or punch out the 3” tag and back with the scalloped circle.

STEP TWO:Spray a few coats of paint on the box.
STEP THREE:  Once dry, attach the handle to the top of the box. (We used E6000 glue)

STEP FOUR:  Attach the 3” round tag to the front of the box. (We used glue dots) 

STEP FIVE:  Tie the instructions tag onto the handle with ribbon.

STEP SIX:   Fill the box with blank love notes cards.

STEP SEVEN:  Make one for yourself. Your  will have so much fun leaving each other random love notes.

*** Project and Photo credits: Eighteen25 (Thank You!)

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Guest Blog: Lia Griffith



If you are looking for a personalized gift for your bridesmaids, a friend’s birthday or for a new graduate, then this monogrammed stationary kit is a perfect choice for the DIY you. The printable kit includes vintage style cards, an envelope that can be personalized with a name and address and monogram stickers to complete the look.




To personalize this set first you will need to download this free font, Museo Slab (click here).  Then download and open the three PFDs. Click onto the G on both the note card and sticker and you can change it to your letter. Make sure you shift for a capitol letter. With the envelope you can click onto each line to change the name and address. It’s as easy as that!

The labels are designed to print onto a 1.5 inch round label sheet, though for this version I printed mine onto a full sheet of label paper and used my 1.5 inch circle punch to trim.

Toolsmetal rulercutting matcraft knifecircle punchadhesive dot roller.

Supplies:  French Construction Whitewash text paperFrench Construction Whitewash cover stockfull sheet label papersmall glassine envelopeglassine bagblack & white baker’s 




***  A very special Thank You to Lia Griffith for these sweet printables. For more great do it yourself ideas please visit Lia’s Handcraft Your Life

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Click on the link below to download and print the free templates. Follow these easy step-by-step instructions on how to print, trim and finish the envelope liner. 

To use the stickers simply print the template on #8293 Avery 1.5″ round sticker labels and apply. The font used is not available as a free download, so the PDF contains a full sheet of each letter of the alphabet. Just select the page that works for you!  Happy Friday!



*** A special Thank You to the Elli Blog for sharing this great download.

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DIY: Recipe Card Free Printables

Q. I am planning a recipe theme bridal shower for my sister. I would like to put the recipes together in a cute box as a gift.  Do think a recipe box is tacky? Thanks

A.  I think a recipe box is a sweet gift most brides will enjoy.  You can have the guests write the recipes on matching cards to give it a cohesive appearance. Here are some Free Recipe Card Printables I found on Love VS. Design you might consider using.









Available in several colors.




Directions: Easy as cake to make. 

1. Download printable to computer.

2. Print out cards on 8” x 11” cardstock

3. Trim using the crop marks with an X-Acto knife or paper cutter

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DIY: Votive Candle Luminarias

Cute Candle Luminarias! Little effort. Huge results. No decoupaging. What more could you ask for?


Print the designs (below) on tabloid-size (11 by 17 inch) paper (some designs will need two pieces). A text-weight paper (32-pound or so) will be sufficient.

For the accordion-fold luminarias, fold short end over by about an inch, aligning edges, and crease with your fingertips. Continue folding, keeping sections as close to the same size as possible. (If you prefer, use a straight edge and bone folder to crease paper in parallel lines, and then fold, creasing folds with the bone folder.)

To fasten both accordion-fold and straight luminarias, apply a strip of double-sided tape along one end of the paper, and press the other end over the tape.


Template in Black
Template in Gray
Template in Orange

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