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If you’re looking for instant hostess with the mostest status, these super simple, super adorable (reusable) DIY menus  are fair game. They add a little something something to a simple dinner party, elevating it to the utmost degree with little to no effort at all!






Step 1:   You can either use the sheets to make full size menus (8×10”), or you can cut them down to a smaller size like we did (5×7”). To cut them down, just measure the size and mark on the acrylic with the paint marker. Then score the sheet along those lines with the glass cutter. After several passes, you should be able to snap the sheet to make a clean cut. Remove any markings with glass cleaner.

Step 2:   Spray paint one side of the acrylic sheet with two light coats of spray paint. Let dry completely, about 1 hour.

Step 3:   On the clear unpainted side, handwrite your menu for the evening in paint marker. If you’d like to do a fancy script, you can print out your menu in a font of your choice, place the printout behind the menu, and trace the script in marker. *This would be easier with a lighter spray paint color or a more hazy coat of paint. Hold the menu & printout up to the window to get maximum backlighting while tracing.

Step 4:   Worried about messing up? Don’t be! Glass cleaner & paper towel let you quickly start over, and for small mistakes, a Qtip and glass cleaner have you covered. When the dinner’s over, wipe off the menu with glass cleaner and set aside to reuse at your next dinner party!

*** Thank You to Jacquelyn Clark from Style Me Pretty Living for sharing this great tutorial with us. 

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FAQ: Do I Need Menu Cards?

Q. Do I need wedding menu cards?

A. You may want to have wedding menu cards if…

1. You’re having a sit-down formal dinner.

Wedding menu cards are essential if your reception dinner is a sit-down formal dinner. This will let your guests know what is coming up next. (And, if a guest is allergic, he or she will know the ingredients ahead of time.)

2. Your guests are ordering from a variety of items on the menu.

If your guests are selecting from various entrees on the menu (rather than ahead of time on your RSVP card), wedding menu cards at each place setting is essential. If you are having a buffet, you aren’t required to have wedding menus; however, you can if you’d like guests to know ahead of time what is for dinner.

3. You want to add a decorative touch to the table.

A pretty wedding menu card can add a nice touch to each guest’s place setting. Plus, it’s an added bonus for guests to read about what is coming up for dinner. You can include a thank you note for guests with the menu card. And, if you prefer, opt for a drink menu instead of a dinner menu (with a signature drink and its ingredients) to encourage guests to try your specialty beverage.

* Photo Credits: Mother & Daughter Creations

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