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DIY Rose Garland

Guest Blog: Maggie Lord


I love this charming garden rose garland. It is perfect for any wedding decor. Use it as a ceremony backdrop, a window frame garland, a photo booth backdrop, or a sweets table accessory….the list is endless.

What You’ll Need :  

  • Floral Wire
  • Green Branches
  • Garden Roses
  • Spray Roses
  • Sea Lavender
  • Clippers
  • Rose Stems


Your first step is to lay out your branches into the shape that you will want your garland.  You may want to measure first and then tape out the shape on the ground or table where you are working so that you have something to follow.  We followed the seams in the concrete to get a good right angle to follow.


Once you have your layout, take sturdy floral wire and attach the branches where they cross over.  You can leave some extra wire loose to use later.



Next, you will want to trim the stems off of the garden roses and attach pre-soaked rose stems to the blossoms.


Using the wire from the rose stem, secure the garden rose blossoms to the branch as tightly as you can without damaging the blossom.


It is best to attach to the branches further back so that the rose feels nestled into the garland.


Space out the blossoms so that they form a loose cluster that feels organic.


Next, using extra loose wires or fresh wires, add the spray roses in and around the garden roses to create dense clusters.


You can also add the spray roses out along the branches to give the garland some color.


Use the spray roses to fill in any large gaps you see.


Next take sprigs of sea lavender and wrap the stems with thin floral wire


Using the loos wire at one end twist the lavender into the empty gaps in the garland to create a full effect.


Add lavender along the garland as you see fit.  You may want to hang it at this point so that you can get a feel for how it looks up on a wall.


Go in and add any extra filler at this point until it looks balanced.


You may want to extend some of the filler down the branches away from the center.


Also take a look at the garland from the side to see if there are any gaps that need filling.


Et voila ! You are finished!   This looks amazing hung outside as a window dressing ….


… or inside as a free form wall decoration!

**** A special thank you to Maggie Lord and Rustic Wedding Chic for sharing this charming tutorial. 

** Photo and Tutorial credits: Rustic Wedding Chic

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A pearly white birdcage adds a romantic touch as a centerpiece or fun addition to the guest book table. Fill the cage with vibrant blooms for an extra special touch.

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This hanging copper planter is so cute and so easy.  It will instantly spruce up any wedding / party decor. It will also make for a fantastic housewarming gift!







  • Leather scrap strips (sold by the bag – Michaels, Hobby Lobby

  • Rivets
  • Leather Tool (if you don’t have one use a sharp tool as pictured/and or scissors to puncture holes)
  • Copper Spray Paint

  • Succulent Pots
  • Tin Buckets (Found in the dollar section of Target!)


1.  Spray paint your tin bucket vases in copper. Let dry.

2.  Use succulent pots that measure the same in diameter as your tins (found mine at Home Depot), and place inside.

3.  Measure out the length of your leather strips and cut accordingly.

4.  Use your leather tool to puncture two corresponding holes on each end for rivets to go through.

5.  Insert rivets

6.  Loop through the side handle of your tins and snap rivets together on both sides.

7.  Hang and enjoy!

*** Photography: In Honor Of Design 

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DIY Flower Chandelier

Special Guest: Grace Bonney

Hanging floral arrangements are everywhere right now, and they are a really beautiful way to show off flowers. They are perfect for events such as a bridal or baby showers, or a special birthday or dinner party. 

Most of the hanging arrangements I have seen out there are either in floral oasis or not in water at all. For me, it was important to find a way to have the stems in water so that the flowers would stay fresh longer. I don’t use oasis because it contains a lot of chemicals. I also wanted to be able to use more delicate flowers and not have to limit myself to just sturdy flowers. We created a chandelier-style structure using floral water tubes and as a result, the arrangement we made lasted for days rather than hours.

Materials Needed

For frame:

- Decorative punched sheet metal with holes big enough to push through a stem  (we got ours at Lowe’s)
- 4 pieces of simple wood trim  (we used salvaged wood)
- Tin snips
- Hammer
- Nails
- Tack
- Strong twine or rope
Alternatively, attach the sheet metal to an old frame if you don’t feel like building one!

For flower arranging:

- 3” floral water tubes with rubber caps (the type we used is made of recycled material and can be found online)
- Sharp floral clippers
- Seasonal flowers (we used lisianthius, ranunculus, blushing bride and viburnum)
- Vases with water for your flowers + to fill water tubes
- Clear soda, such as 7-up (not diet)
- Saw horse legs or two chairs to balance the frame on
- Strong twine, wire or rope for hanging the arrangement


1. Start by building the frame. We built ours with scrap salvaged wood, but if you have an old frame, that is perfect, too! The easiest way to make the frame is to overlap the wood at the corners and nail the wood together. Then cut your sheet metal with tin snips, this is easy but keep in mind that the edges can be a bit sharp. Attach the metal to the frame with furniture tack, it will easily go through the sheet metal. Make sure everything is stable/sturdy enough for hanging.

2. Condition your flowers by removing all of the foliage and cutting them with sharp floral clippers. Immediately put them in clean vases with water. You can add a dash of clear soda, like 7-up, to help the flowers last a bit longer. Let the flowers drink for an hour or so.

3. Balance your sheet metal frame between two saw horse legs (or two chairs or tables). Make sure it is stable.

4. Fill the floral tubes with water by dunking them in a small bucket or vase. Attach the rubber caps to the tubes.

5. Take a flower and push the stem through an appropriate hole in the sheet metal. Once your stem is through the metal at a height you like, push it through the hole in the rubber cap and into the floral tube (above the metal sheet).

We started by putting our flowers in the middle, then worked our way outwards. For an ombré effect, start from the left and move to your right. Hang each flower at different lengths so that each bloom is showing and not hiding another bloom.

Only push the stems halfway so the end of the stem stays in water, avoiding the air pocket above the water surface. Have the tubes filled to the brim, some water will squirt out when you push the stem into the tube. The water does not leak once the tubes and stems are in place/upside down.

What is extra great about this frame/holder is that you can easily move your flowers around by pulling them out and pushing them back in another spot. Just be careful with more delicate stems!

6. Once you are pleased with your design, thread a piece of strong twine or rope through the corners of the frame and hang it from a couple of hooks in the ceiling!

Well conditioned flowers will last for at least one full day in normal temperature, the one we made lasted for three.

*** Special Thank You to Grace Bonney for sharing this fabulous DIY project with us.

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Pale Pink & Gray Chair Decoration

Dreaming of a pale pink and gray wedding palette? Then you’ll want to cast your eyes over this gorgeous decoration for the bride and groom’s wedding chairs. We totally fell for this pale pink and grey chair decor perfect for a romantic style wedding. Classic, elegant and uber pretty it features a sweet heart made out of twigs, white ribbon and garland of romantic roses, delicate baby’s breath and soft grey foliage. It’s the perfect feminine touch without looking too over-the-top or formal.

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DIY: Gold Leaf Cement Pots

What you will need:

  • cement mix
  • water
  • disposable bowl or bucket for mixing
  • disposable cup
  • paint stirrer
  • containers for molds
  • gold leaf kit
  • mask and gloves

Mix 4 parts cement with 1 part water in a bowl. It doesn’t need to be exact, as long as the mix has a good consistency. Not to liquid, not too thick. Like making a cake! I noticed it was a bit easier for me to mix with a bit more water than what they recommend in the instructions, and it was fine. I used juice cartons and 1 quart milk cartons to achieve the square shape, but I’ve seen other pots using bundt cake molds, so options are endless :)

Grease your containers: the inside of the larger ones and the exterior of the small ones that will serve as the opening. I dabbed cooking oil on a paper towel to grease the containers. Have something to add weight handy in the smaller containers to hold them in place. I stacked paint sample bottles in the milk cartons, but you can use rocks or anything else you have around your house.

Pour the mix in the larger containers and pound them on the ground to release any air bubbles. I noticed that as long as the mix is homogenous, the pots will have a smooth solid surface. The mix should go 1/3 or half way to the rim – keeping in mind that once you add the smaller container in, the cement mix will rise up. Add in the smaller containers in the middle, with weights to hold them down in place.

After about 10-15 min they will be rock solid! Peel the containers out and let your cement pots cure overnight. 

For drainage, drill holes at the bottom of the pots.

To add gold leaf designs, create different geometric shapes on the pots and mark them with masking tape. Brush adhesive, and layer the gold leaf. Let it dry for an hour, then brush off excess gold leaf and add sealant. Once it’s dry, you can remove the tape and add your plants, adding a layer of gravel at the bottom of your pots before adding soil.

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Vintage Dictionary Art

 image                                                         Red Kiss Pop Art

Something I’ve been seeing quite a bit of lately is what I like to call vintage dictionary art.  People are taking vintage pages from dictionaries, and printing an image on the vintage paper.  I’ve even gone as far as buying some art pages off Etsy myself.

I think dictionary art would make great wedding or bridesmaid gifts as it’s fun and very affordable. Here are some of my favorite pieces from Whisker Prints……

image                                           Love You To the Moon Dictionary Art

image                                        Incredible Life Inspirational Quote

image                                            Love Quote Peas And Carrots

image                                               Romance Comedy Pop Art

image                                     Fell In Love With You Dictionary Art

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How To Decorate With Throw Pillows

image                                                   Paris Pillow Set

Throw pillows can bring together a room’s color palette and design scheme, providing balance, elegance and visual interest to your home decor. Pillows can soften the look of a heavy leather sofa or add a punch of color to a wingback chair. Changing throw pillows is also an inexpensive and simple way to change the design scheme of a room. Either purchase new accent pillows or cover existing ones with new slipcovers, and then throw them anywhere, from your sofa to your bedroom chaise lounge.

Decorating With Throw Pillows:


For eclectic or modern decor, group accent pillows in sets of odd numbers: use three, five or seven pillows in a room. Using asymmetrical groups is a common interior design rule for nontraditional decor; the room will feel more visually balanced. Vary the pillows’ size and pattern. If you want a more traditional, symmetrical look, use even numbers.

image                                    Madame/Monsieur Pillow Set

Size and shape

Vary the shapes and sizes of throw pillows. Standard pillows measure 18 inches by 18 inches. Add a contrasting shape or size into a pillow grouping for additional interest. Large pillows can make a statement in a room; choose one or two with fringe, tassels and trim for additional character. For example, place an oblong pillow in the center of a couch or a round pillow on a side chair.


Vary your throw pillows’ textures and textiles for a rich yet subtle mix. Use fabrics from plush velvets to smooth silks. Mix and match pillows: pair stripes and plaids together or combine solid and floral designs.

image                                      Red Lipstick Kiss Pillow Set


Choose pillow colors by looking at fabric, artwork and other accents in the room. Decide on a common accent color and match the color to a paint swatch. Use the swatch to compare different pillows when browsing online. Pillows do not need to be an exact match. Some slight variation adds natural contrast and interest to the room. Add the accent color in a few other areas, including accessories, lampshades and other items of home decor.

image                              Give A Girl The Right Shoes Pillow Set


Put a decorative basket or storage bin in the room for holding accent pillows when they’re not being used. For example, set a wicker basket behind the couch to toss pillows in while entertaining in the living room. Or hide pillows when they’re not needed by keeping them in a plastic bin placed underneath the bed. The storage area keeps pillows fresh and clean.

** A very Special Thank You to the Bella Bella Shoppe for allowing us to use their fun pillow photos.

You can see more of the Bella Bella Collection here.

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Wine Glass Candle Centerpiece


This is a really cute idea…simply invert wine glasses to use as candle holders. Besides flowers imagine the options…snow and trees during the winter, nests with Easter eggs and flowers for spring, loads of flowers for summer, and autumn leaves and spices for fall. Wine glasses are cheap and the possibilities are endless.





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DIY: Burlap Table Runner

Guest Blog:  Kristen 



Step 1: Purchase your burlap {I love the blonde burlap, but you could use whatever you like} and wash and prepare it as I show in the tutorial here. This gets a lot of the smell out and evens out the edges perfectly.

Step 2: Lay your nicely prepared burlap out on a flat surface and measure to the width you want to cut your runner. I  made mine 24” wide {including fringe} by 67” long, but you will want to make it fit your table.


Step 3: Begin to pull one of the burlap threads {just as you did in preparing it} at that point you just measured. You will want to be careful as you do it, making sure you don’t break the thread.

{I apologize for the gross nails… the polish looked so much better a week ago… 

Step 4: Pull your thread from the entire length of your piece.


This will leave a guide for you to cut your straight line.

Step 5: Cut the entire length of your runner using your guide line, making sure to not cut the threads on either side of it.

When you are finished, you should have a nice, evenly cut piece of burlap the dimensions of your table runner.


Step 6: To get the charming Pottery Barn look, pull out more of the threads from all of the sides. I pulled out about ten from each side of mine.


Once you have repeated this on all of the sides, you are finished!


Wasn’t that easy?



* Special Thank You to Ella Claire Inspired for this fun tutorial.

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10 Killer DIY’s to Obsess Over

Happy Monday! I hope you had an amazing weekend! I’m kicking off a brand new week of handmade wedding goodness with a collection of 10 killer wedding DIYs I think you’ll love.  Feel free to follow each tutorial to a T or mix it up with a variation of your own. And, if you tackle a craft below, please let me know so I can see your beautiful work (+ share it in an upcoming post!) So, ready to get crafty? Read on to see which DIYs made the list!

1. DIY Perfume

Become a frangrance mixologist in an evening! This custom homemade eau de perfume by Design Sponge makes a great gift for bridesmaids. I plan to make one myself!

2. DIY Paper Peony (+ FREE Printable Template)

Pretty up your place cards with DIY paper peony flowers thanks to a FREE printable template + tutorial from Ellinee.

3. DIY Sharpie Mug

Decorate mugs for your coffee or tea loving bridesmaids or create a custom ‘His’ + ‘Hers’ mug set thanks to this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. This DIY is super easy to do with cheap white mugs (try Ikea), Sharpie markers, and your oven! Get the full how-to here.

4. DIY Coasters

Make your own (affordable) favors with this tutorial via FellowFellow: it’s fun and easy.

5. DIY Cement Votive Holders

Deck out your outdoor reception tables (or patio) with DIY cement votive holders. These are easier than they look and can be reused for years after the big day! Read the tutorial at Say Yes to Hoboken.

6. DIY Wedding Program

Make your ceremony programs with this tutorial via Intimate Weddings using burlap and vintage patterned paper. Pretty!

7. DIY Homemade Lip Gloss

Homemade lip gloss makes a great gift for bridesmaids. Customize the labels to make it your own. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make these…Cheeky Kitchen shows you how it’s done!

8. DIY Bow Sash

Last but not least, you can add a pop of color and a girly detail to your dress (or bridesmaid dresses) with this tutorial by Momtastic.

9. DIY State Art

Personalize your reception space with DIY state art to show where your love resides. This fun idea – called Heart in Ohio – comes from The Harpster Home. Decorate your reception + display in your love nest after the big day.

10. DIY Wrap Bracelet

It’s a wrap! We finish up this round-up with a funky twist on traditional wedding jewelry: wrap bracelets! Visit Honestly WTF for the full tutorial.

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Finding new ways to highlight roses is something I will never tire of! Rose garlands are a fresh decadent decoration for any celebration. Mix your palette or streamline with one hue to instantly add glamour, sophistication, and elegance your wedding ceremony or reception. A creative and alluring way to ensure your event space is in full bloom!


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DIY: Wine Bottle Light

You’ll need:

  • An empty wine bottle
  • A drill
  • Safety glasses and gloves (just in case the bottle breaks)
  • 1/2″ glass drill bit
  • Masking tape
  • Short strand of Christmas lights (with a plug only on one end)

How to:

1. Rinse out your wine bottle and remove the labels (if desired).

2. Place a piece of masking tape on the bottle where you want to drill the hole for the cord. The tape keeps the drill bit from slipping.

3. Put on your gloves and goggles and start drilling. Don’t apply too much pressure or you could break the glass. The drilling takes a long time. I spent about 30 minutes drilling the hole. Be patient!

4. Once your hole is drilled rinse the glass shavings out of your bottle, and let the bottle dry.

5. Carefully feed the strand of Christmas lights into the hole you drilled.

6. TaaDaa!

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The place where you stand to exchange your vows should be absolutely perfect. From amazing floral arches to understated Japanese lanterns, here are some beautiful ideas for the perfect altar or archway to make your wedding day spectacular.


A Door to the Altar

Choose items that speak to the setting you are trying to create. While this wedding is outdoors, the feel is that of a rustic barn. Create a surprising entry to the altar by bringing indoor elements outside to define the space. The doors  are accessorized with wreaths made of seeded eucalyptus and green hydranges.


A Ladder Archway

Get creative and develop a one-of-a-kind archway. Simple wooden ladders have been placed together to create this unique archway. Placed on the steps of the ladders are floral bouquets that tie in with the colors of the wedding. Arrangements of dahlias, ranunculus and garden roses add a pop of color in this rustic setting. Additions like paper flowers or party poms can be used to create a garland similar to this one.


Tropical Blooms

For a tropical wedding, use a bold and colorful arch to help set the tone. This archway filled with hot pink bougainvillea flowers stands out against the blue ocean backdrop. A rich abundance of tropical blooms and bright colors can be the perfect way to accent island nuptials.


Japanese Lanterns

Japanese lanterns are an affordable way to create an archway that is elegant and effortless. They can be purchased at party stores in a variety of colors to match your wedding palette. Simply attach them to string lights and set them aglow.


An Altar of Blooms

For an altar with a bit of a formal air, try floral arrangements in classic urns. Antique stone urns similar to these can be found online at Jamali Garden. The planted flowers atop a credenza create a gorgeous backdrop for the bride and groom.


An Indoor Canopy

For an indoor wedding, a bold floral canopy is a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in. Leafy greens and white flowers are used to bring color and life inside this wood-paneled barn.


A Romantic Trellis

For a wedding that is all about romance, a trellis draped in roses truly expresses the sentiment. The swags for this trellis are made of an arrangement of huckleberry, lemon leaf and seeded eucalyptus.


Trellis Details

By attaching mini bouquets to the greenery, romantic pops of red are brought into the color scheme. Black magic roses, dahlias and smokebush are all used to create a dramatic impact.

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How To Tint Glass Jars


Tinted or painted jars and bottles are a fun way to add a pop of color to any home or party decor.  Here are some of the most common ways to paint or tint glass:

1. Mod Podge + Food Coloring – Simply add food coloring to mod podge until you achieve the color you want. Using a good quality brush paint the inside or outside of the jar.

Work quickly as mod podge will dry quickly. To add some extra dry time, add a couple of drops of water to thin it out a little.

2. Watered Down Enamel Paint – Add water to enamel paint to thin it down. With a foam brush, paint the container using even strokes. You may need to add a few layers to achieve the color you want.

To create a fun finish you can paint each layer with different colors. Let each layer dry completely before adding the next layer. Be careful not to have the brush to wet or the colors can start to bleed.

3. White Glue & Food Coloring – This is similar to the Mod Podge technique. Mix the glue and the food coloring until you achieve the color you want. A foam brush or paint brush should work fine. 

There are lots of ways to paint or tint your bottles and jars, most of them are variations of these formulas.


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