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The Magic of Preston Bailey


His designs are grandiose, inspirational, sensational and jaw dropping. He’s designed grand celebrations for celebrities Jennifer Hudson, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Joan Rivers, Donna Karan, Liza Minnelli, Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones, and the list goes on. Preston Bailey is not only a wedding designer, he’s an artist extraordinaire.  Every bride needs inspiration, and is one great source! Take a few minutes to peruse his website and I promise you’ll leave with amazing design ideas for your celebration.











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Wine Glass Candle Centerpiece


This is a really cute idea…simply invert wine glasses to use as candle holders. Besides flowers imagine the options…snow and trees during the winter, nests with Easter eggs and flowers for spring, loads of flowers for summer, and autumn leaves and spices for fall. Wine glasses are cheap and the possibilities are endless.





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DIY: Mini Floral Place Settings

These floral minis are a sweet and unique way to incorporate fresh flowers into your reception décor.


They’re fairly easy to make and can double as favors. Imagine how pretty they’d be situated on top of each place setting!


  • Scissors
  • Floral foam 
  • Small vessel or decorative bowl
  • One large bowl filled with water
  • Hydrangeas and other fresh flowers with small to medium size blooms

Step One:
Cut down a piece of floral foam to fit snug inside the vessel or small, decorative bowl.

Step Two:
Once the foam has been cut to size, drop it into a large bowl of water and let it sink to the bottom. After letting it soak for about a minute, place it back into the small vessel, and begin cutting down your fresh flowers. Each stem should be cut at a sharp angle to ensure it can pierce through the foam.
Step Three:
Starting in the center and working your way out, begin adding short stems of hydrangea clusters to the arrangement.
Step Four:
Once the entire bowl is filled, add additional flowers and fillers. Depending on where they are placed, some stems will need to be slightly longer than others. Add finishing touches with your favorite blooms and fill areas that look sparse.

Styling Tip:
When the seasons change, so does floral availability. Just remember, hydrangeas are a key factor for keeping this project simple. The stems are nice and hearty and hold the surrounding florals in place.
These miniature arrangements can also be displayed on a place card table with paper flag table numbers or dispersed with small votive candles along the center of a long banquet table.

 * Photos By: Brittni Mehlhoff 

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Money-Saving Tips For Creating Floral Arrangements

One of the most beautiful components of a wedding is the flowers. Bouquets, nosegays, arches and centerpieces help pull the theme and aesthetic together. 

Use Expensive Sparingly

For a rustic-style table, look at mixing bright and fresh-picked blooms. A mixed arrangement can also save money. Try mixing expensive flowers with less expensive ones. If you love peonies but can’t afford heaps of them, use them sparingly. Bring in affordable flowers like roses, carnations and lisianthus. The peonies will still shine and elevate the other flowers.

Go Bold With a Single Color

For a wedding with a faraway feel, stick with bold colors. Dominant shades of pink can remind you of tropical beaches, while deep red can whisk you away to the Far East. Using a single type of flower to create arrangements can also cut down costs. Stay with one or two types of flowers and let them carry through the entire wedding. 

Use Greens to Stretch Your Dollar

Think small and loose-style arrangements for a rustic, organic feel. When choosing your design, don’t go for extremely tight, compacted styles that use tons of flowers. Pick lower arrangements that feature lush greeneries, like seeded eucalyptus, bear grass and plumose. The greens will help stretch out the size of the arrangement.

Try the Local Market

This charming spring bouquet is tied with a swath of lace and an antique pin. For the DIY bride, purchase flowers from the local farmers’ market. 

Provide the Florist With Containers

Antique silver, Mason jars and even tin cans can be upcycled into vases. Provide your florist with containers. You can save money if you find a comparable container yourself, but be sure to take measurements. A container with a larger opening will call for more flowers.

Go Seasonal

A blushing white bouquet will look elegant at a wintry white wedding. If you are getting married during the winter holidays, look for flowers that are in season. Regardless of the season, brides looking to save money should always opt for seasonal flowers. Though this does not guarantee rock-bottom prices, it always helps when flowers are readily available and abundant.

Expect to Pay More Around the Holidays

A holiday wedding may call for an arrangement of red and green flowers to accessorize cocktail and reception tables. When planning a wedding around Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and New Year’s, be sure to include extra room in your budget. The quality of flowers at these times is not as high, as the flowers are forced to bloom. Flower growers charge more for flowers around major holidays due to supply and demand.


Soft flowers like roses and ranunculus are a wonderful way to celebrate romance. If you need to be budget-conscious, repurpose flowers that were used during the ceremony.  You  can repurpose flowers from an arch or gazebo to work elsewhere when the ceremony is finished. Lay the bouquets of your bridal party around the cake table, or use the flowers from the aisle for the sweetheart and cocktail tables.

Think Beyond Flowers

A romantic flower arrangement can also be accentuated with unconventional elements. Here, light and airy feathers complete an ethereal bride’s bouquet. 


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Tropical Flower Centerpieces

I love the texture, dimension and color of these tropical floral centerpieces. They are such a welcome surge of summer with a bright, poppy, tropical twist and they seem to take on a life of their own.

The lemons on the bottom of several arrangements give them a little pop of yellow and add to the cheery, tropical attitude.

What do you think? Would you use tropical flowers in your wedding?

*Photo Credits: House of Ernest

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Not Your Grandmother’s Vases

Flower arrangements can be so much fun to look at during the wedding reception. Sadly, this is not always the case. At many weddings, couples do not have a large budget for their reception centerpieces. Because of this, many couples believe that a low budget for flowers means having drab, boring flower arrangements for their wedding. I’m here to say that, this is simply not true.

A very fun way to dress up a simple flower arrangement for a wedding is to add a little color to the centerpiece design! And I’m not talking about the pretty blooms in the vases! I’m taking about adding patterned textiles, paper, ribbon, really anything to the vase itself to add a lot of interest with a very simple DIY project.

Simply cut the textile (fabric), paper (try gift wrapping paper or vintage wallpaper) to the size of the diameter of the vase. Just make sure you measure your vase accordingly! Attach the fabric/paper by wrapping it around the vase. Simply use spray-mount, double sided tape, or a handy glue gun to finish it off. And voila! A beautiful vase, for a beautiful wedding. Enjoy!

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Flower Votive Centerpiece

Flowers and candlelight are nothing new, but together they create fun tabletop decorations for a summer wedding. Place votive candles in tall glass vessels, and attach a flower (dahlias are shown here) outside each, trimming the stem to fit and tying with raffia that matches the flower. Set each display in a saucer of water to keep the flowers fresh.

* Photo Credit: MarthaStewart

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DIY : Rustic Burlap Wrapped Stenciled Vase

Good evening all! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have a super easy, really fun DIY project for you to try. It’s a burlap wrapped vase embellished with stencils and lace. I love how it dresses up the vase and with the added embellishments you can really tailor it to any occasion you may be having. Oh and did I mention it’s a super inexpensive project! Burlap is only $2.49 a yard and the added embellishments where around $3.00. Below is the tutorial.


  • Burlap
  • Lace Embellishments
  • Paint
  • Brush 
  • Scissors
  • Stencils
  • Glue or adhesive 

Step 2

Using the stencils of your choice paint and let dry.

Step 3

Glue the lace to the burlap. Then attach the burlap to vase (with glue).  Viola!

*A special thanks to Elizabeth Goodman for taking the photos


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DIY Wrapped Bottles

Guest Blog: Michelle Cangemi

I’ve been seeing wrapped bottles and vases all over the place lately! They are super cute and would make beautiful wedding centerpieces & decor! To show you just how easy and adorable these centerpieces are, I made you a lil’ tutorial! Get ready to get your craft on… enjoy!



  • Recycled Bottles or Vases
  • Jute Twine and/or Yarn
  • Multipurpose Glue (hot glue gun & glue optional)
  • Scissors

Step 1 – Getting Started: Starting at one end of your bottle, glue the edge of the twine to the bottle.  This is where the glue gun is helpful if you have one.  Just a dab of hot glue will quickly hold the twine to the bottle. If you’re using the multipurpose glue you’ll need to wait until it dries so the twine doesn’t come loose as your winding it around the bottle.


Step 2 – Glue & Wrap: Use the multipurpose glue to cover the surface of the bottle.  You don’t need to cover the entire surface.  Glue sparingly – I just made some swirls and squiggles. Now start wrapping the twine!


Step 3 – Finish Up: Wrap the entire bottle, cut the twine and add a larger dab of glue (multipurpose or hot glue) to secure the bottom edge of the twine. You’re done!! Easy-peasy, right?


Step 4 – Repeat: If you have other bottles, repeat steps 1-3 for each.  I decided to spice it up and used colored yarn for my other two bottles.  Using yarn is a great way to incorporate your wedding colors into your DIY centerpiece! Oh, and don’t worry if you get glue on your yarn or can see it in the cracks. It will dry clear.



And there you have it! These wrapped bottles make simple and sweet centerpieces either on their own or with a few flowers tucked in!


If you want to give your centerpieces just a little something more, hot glue a few embellishments to them!  I added three mini fabric flowers to the twine wrapped bottle to add some pops of color. 


The great thing about this project is that is can be used in your home when the wedding is over!! 

* Special Thanks to for allowing us to use their project and photos.

* All Photos by Michelle Cangemi

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