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Fall Wedding Bouquet

How great would this fall wedding bouquet look sitting in a pumpkin at your Thanksgiving table? So good … right? Of course it would also look ultra fabulous as your wedding bouquet. 

This bouquet is made up of antique lacecap hydrangea, white and peach garden roses, mutabolis roses (a beauty that changes color from peach to pink as the blossom ages), chocolate cosmos, white garden spray roses, cafe au lait dahlias and variegated dogwood.

*** Event Designer & Flowers: Finch & Thistle Event Design 

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If you consider yourself a novice at working with flowers but you’d like to learn how make a bouquet for your wedding (you can do it!!) there are two tips I can give you:

1) Make your bouquet in a vase first. This will make it much easier for you to manage and will allow you to step back and see how you’re liking it.

2) Choose a big bloom to make up the majority of your bouquet and then just a few smaller bits to bring some life and personality into the equation. Tree peonies, like the ones we used above, are definitely more expensive and harder to get but they are so amazing on their own that you don’t have to do much of anything else to them to make a beautiful bouquet. They will make your job SO much easier!


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Vintage Accents

When it comes to adding vintage details to your wedding, a little detail can go a long way – especially with your flowers. Dig around in your attic or a local craft store bin for pieces of fabric that look and feel classic to you. (Stay on the lookout for brooches and old custom jewelry too.) Look for accent colors like gold, black, or white – they work well. Patterns like damask or stripes will look the part too.

Slowly wrap the fabric around your bouquet using pearl pins to secure each layer, and for added detail. Once the fabric is in place complete the look with your favorite brooch. So easy, right? And you can use the same trick for your groom or groomsman’s boutonnières — without the brooch of course. 


* Photo Credits:  Large bouquet: Photography by Rebecca; Boutonnière: Photography by Charise; Small bouquet: Geoff White Photographers.


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This soft, romantic rose and  ranunculus bouquet would be perfect for an antique inspired wedding.

Bouquet Recipe

Print out the photo and take the recipe to your local florist to have this pink, peach and orange bouquet recreated.

Pink, Peach And Orange Bouquet Recipe

  • 4 Stems White Adromeda Flower
  • 3 Stems Peach Spray Roses
  • 6 Stems Peach Stock
  • 3 Orange Ranunculus
  • 4 Pink Ranunculus
  • 4 Stems (Caramel Anteke) Garden Roses
  • 5 Stems Mini Red Leucadendron Pods
  • 8 Stems Leptospermum Scoparium


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Pink Bridal Bouquet Recipe

There are a few colors on the spectrum that I think are crowd pleasers and pink is by far one of them. It is delicate, lovely and reminds us of all things pretty. Just like this bouquet recipe designed by wedding florist Oak & the Owl Interior and Floral Design Studio.

Flowers needed to duplicate this bouquet

  • Honeysuckle
  • Iceberg Floribunda Rose
  • Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora Rose
  • Sexy Rexy Floribunda Rose
  • Snowball Viburnum
  • Tulip

* Photographed by Tonya Goettsche.

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Beautiful free-form bouquet of garden roses, nigella, and dusty miller tied with a pair of deep blue satin ribbons.

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DIY: Hydrangea And Mum Bouquet




7 Hydrangea flowers
3 Mums 
1 package of Brown Floral Wire
1 package of Natural Wire (twig/jute looking wire)
1 spool of Brown Sheer Ribbon
A few push pins or glue gun
Wire Cutters


1. First, cut off all the leaves from the fake flowers. Take three of the hydrangeas and put them in a triangle like shape. Take three more of the hydrangeas and place them around the other three. Now take the last hydrangea and place it in the middle-top of the bouquet. Let it stand a little taller than the other flowers so that it has more of rounded look.

2. Take the three Mums and place them around the bouquet.


3. When looking at the bouquet from the top, the three Mums will look like they’re in a disconnected triangle.

4. Take some of your brown floral wire and wrap it around the top and the bottom to secure the flowers together.


5. Now you’re going to cut the ends of the stems. There isn’t a certain length that the stems must be at but you should be able to comfortably put both hands on the stem part.


6. By starting at the top, take your ribbon and start wrapping it around the stems. You can secure the ribbon at the top by either using a push pin and tacking it into the stems or using a hot glue gun. It’s ok if the pin can be seen because it will be covered by the floral wire.

7. Wrap the ribbon almost all the way down the stem, leave about a half an inch of the stems showing. You can do a couple layers if you want to add more of a thickness. Secure the ribbon again with a push pin or hot glue gun.


8. Take the natural wire and start loosely wrapping it around the stem.

9. Use the whole spool of natural wire to wrap the stem. You can even use two spools if you want more thickness.

10. Now take the brown wire and wrap it a few times around the stem so that it secures the natural wire.


*Photo Credits: Jaimee Morse


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Fragrant Flowers 101

    Photo credit: Kio Kreations

While fragrant flowers look beautiful and can fill the room with a sweet, perfumey scent, they also can give you (and guests) a headache, cause an allergy attack or make your food less-appetizing. So before you order flowers to fill your venue, think about their scents. 

Flowers with strong scents 

Oriental Lilies (most commonly used: Stargazer and Casablanca varieties)
Lily of the Valley
Christmas Greens

These lovelies are much less intense, but still fragrant:

Garden Roses
Sweet Pea
Some Rose, Sweetheart and Spray Rose Varieties
Wax Flower

Subtle/minimal-to-no fragrance:

Most roses
Most Orchids
Gerbera Daisies
Billy Balls
Asiatic Lilies
Bells of Ireland


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I Love this summery bouquet of white cymbidium and dendrobium orchids, white peonies and mini calla lilies.

Floral Design: Preston Bailey / Photography: Wendell T. Weber

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