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I know it might be a little taboo to say that I love something that has been done a hundred times but I can’t help myself.  I LOVE this ombre cake. It would be so cute for a bridal shower or even a birthday cake.


Covering cake with Fondant

When it comes to covering the cake with fondant, is was actually quite easy. 

Hint: Buy premade fondant, don’t try to make it yourself!


ONE: roll out the fondant to about one eighth inch thickness using powdered sugar to keep the fondant from sticking to the rolling pin. 

TWO:  loosely roll the fondant up on the pin to carefully unroll it over the top of your cake.


THREE: very gently smooth the edges of the fondant.  Your hands’ heat will help to relax and smooth the fondant. 

FOUR: cut around the base of our cake with a sharp knife.

Now that you have a fondant covered cake, you’re ready to ombre! 


I used icing dye by Wilton icing coloring in the ‘rose’ color.  I just barely dipped my clean paint brush into the dye and the diluted it in water. You can use the fondant scraps to test the color prior to painting on the cake.  I started with the most diluted color on the top, and then worked my way down with less and less diluted coloring.



If there is any mess- up, you can just stick your brush into the water and lightly even out the dye. It was quite easy!

* Design & Photo Credit: House of Ernest

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