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DIY: Marbled Paper Goods


You can use your marbled paper for so many things! I choose to make some cute little name cards as well as some little stir sticks.



  • Cardstock
  • 4 Colors of Acrylic Paints
  • Wooden Dowels
  • Mini Clothespins
  • String
  • Water
  • Liquid Starch (you can buy it right near the spray starch at the store)
  • Alum (found in the spice aisle, used in pickling)
  • Dishsoap

Step 1: The preparations


ONE mix together 2 cups of liquid starch with 1 teaspoon of alum and pour in the bottom of a cake pan.

TWO water down a little paint so that the paint is just slightly thinner.  Add a tiny drop of dish soap to it, this helps the paint to float on the starch. mix well.

THREE construct a ‘comb’ with wooden dowels cut to 2 inches, or with toothpicks.


FOUR using a paint brush, shake drops and splatters of paint onto your starch. Do this with all colors you’d like to include.

FIVE using your comb, comb the entire pan in one direction. 

SIX Then repeat in the perpendicular direction.


Carefully place your cardstock onto the top of the paper.  Lay it down starting at one corner instead of straight down so that air bubbles don’t get trapped underneath. Once the paper has made full contact, lift by one of the corners and remove from the paint/starch mixture.


Dunk the swirled paper into another pan of clean cool water (don’t worry!  The paint will stay on). Then hang on a string with clothespins over newsprint to dry.



* Photo & Design Credit: House of  Earnest

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