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Not Your Grandmother’s Vases

Flower arrangements can be so much fun to look at during the wedding reception. Sadly, this is not always the case. At many weddings, couples do not have a large budget for their reception centerpieces. Because of this, many couples believe that a low budget for flowers means having drab, boring flower arrangements for their wedding. I’m here to say that, this is simply not true.

A very fun way to dress up a simple flower arrangement for a wedding is to add a little color to the centerpiece design! And I’m not talking about the pretty blooms in the vases! I’m taking about adding patterned textiles, paper, ribbon, really anything to the vase itself to add a lot of interest with a very simple DIY project.

Simply cut the textile (fabric), paper (try gift wrapping paper or vintage wallpaper) to the size of the diameter of the vase. Just make sure you measure your vase accordingly! Attach the fabric/paper by wrapping it around the vase. Simply use spray-mount, double sided tape, or a handy glue gun to finish it off. And voila! A beautiful vase, for a beautiful wedding. Enjoy!

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