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DIY : Washi Tape Tile Coasters

Guest Blog by Michelle Cangemi

DIY coasters are a great way to add a spark of fun color to your wedding or home decor. These washi tape tile coasters are easy and inexpensive. Group them together in sets of four and they make adorable wedding favors!  You could make sets as gifts for your wedding party or, for those of you who are ambitious, make them for all wedding guests!

  • Ceramic Tiles (can be purchased in bulk at any hardware store such as Home Depot)
  • Washi Tape
  • Felt Pads (stick on)
  • Waterproof sealer

Step 1: Tape – Decide which washi tape colors and patterns you’d like to use for this project. Take one of the ceramic tiles and stick your tape on in any design you’d like!

Step 2:  Continue to tape the rest of your ceramic tiles. Mix and match tape colors, patterns and designs so each guest will get  a unique set of 4.

Step 3: Hold Tight - Add a light a coat (or two if necessary) of waterproof lacquer or water resistant Mod Podge over the tiles to keep the tape in place through wear, tear, spills or condensation. I did two coats and let the coasters dry over night just to be safe.  Keep in mind that even with waterproof coatings, the coasters are probably best cleaned carefully and gently by hand.

Step 4: Felt – To ensure that your coasters don’t scratch any tables or surfaces, stick a small felt pad to each corner of your coasters. Because most of the circle pads were much bigger than I needed for the coasters, I bought the felt in sheets and cut them into small squares to stick in the corners.

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